Helping disabled veterans win maximum benefits for their total disability claim.

As a wounded warrior, you’re entitled to compensation for your service-connected disabilities. Working with a trusted veterans disability lawyer is your best chance for getting more benefits from the earliest effective date possible.

Have you been denied compensation by the VA for your claim? We can help you fight back.

For each case, we are able to provide:


We represent cases at all levels - Regional Offices, Board of Veteran's Appeals, Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Federal Circuit, and even the Supreme Court.
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Independent Medical Exams

We will obtain additional medical opinion evidence on your behalf when appropriate and promise to advance the costs!

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Vocational Experts

In support of your total disability claim as United States Veteran, we will arrange for a Vocational Rehabilitaion expert to review and case and provide an opinion.
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  • “Best decision I have ever made was calling VLG for help. Mark Lippman walked me through everything from start to finish and without his help I would still be waiting on my claim. So thankful more than words can explain. By far the best lawyers I ever talked to or used or even heard people talk about. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped me more than I ever dreamed of.”

    Brian H.

    North Carolina Awarded 92,000
  • “Were you happy with the final result in your case? "Very much so.”

    C. W.

    Bronson, Texas Awarded $184,235
  • “Good communication, professional, caring, available, prompt, knowledgable, timely submissions. I was awarded 100% service-connected in a difficult area...Agent Orange and Parkinson's Disease.”

    Charles S.

    Oregon City, OR Awarded $64,568
  • “I was treated very fairly and was satisfied with the result.”

    Charles V.

    Crystal River, Florida Awarded $221,519
  • “I tried other representatives for over ten years. They never seemed to try to see my point of view, much less the truth. Mark Lippman's firm went to extremes to find the truth--they were very diligent in representing me in Court I would whole-heartedly recommend that anyone with a difficult case go to Mark Lippman.”

    Chester S.

    Tulsa, Oklahoma Awarded $273,069
  • “I believe Mr. Lippman was entitled to more compensation than he received. He treated me more than fair. He listened to me. When you're hurting and tired of fighting the system, that means a lot. Mark performed admirably, quickly and professionally. I am more than happy with the final result.”

    Danny R.

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida Awarded $158,738
  • “Your firm was able to bring me the justice and final closure I deserved. I was repeatedly denied and the regional office was derelict in their aid to me. Veterans Law Group restored the balance of justice, affirmatively.”

    Darren G.

    Orlando, FL | US Army Awarded $39,821
  • “I felt that the Veteran's Law Group took the time and gathered the needed info to support my case. They never pushed me and my case off to the side. They pushed for what was right and entitled to me for my service to this country. They were willing to listen to me and then do the needed research to support my case. They never made me feel that I was wasting mine or their time.”

    Dion P.

    Victoria, VA Awarded $91,577
  • “More than happy with final result because of your dedication and honesty. Absolutely treated me fairly and compassionately.”

    Falco S.

    Pittsburgh, PA Awarded $363,503
  • “I wanted to take a moment to pass along a deep sense of gratitude, not only from I, but also my daughters for the job you accomplished with my claim and the VA. I know it has been a long process and I blame that totally on the VA. At any rate you have provided me with not only a sense of security but also with a sense of doing what was right and just. Now, I do not have to choose between food and electric. It is a blessed feeling.
    Your team, particularly Amanda, was always thoughtful and courteous and responded promptly to any of my requests. I am sure they had thought some strange, but they still responded. So, for that and more, a well-deserved thank you. It must be a particularly rewarding experience to help Veterans who need it and provide them with a sense of pride and honor. Pride in their nation, honor in their service.
    Again Mark, I am truly grateful for your help and excellent representation. I am confident I will live out my remaining days with a little more sense of comfort. Please feel free to call on me if you would ever need a recommendation or testimonial. I would be happy to help.”

    Gary N.

    Tucson, AZ | US Navy Awarded $142,547
  • “Mark and staff have been very helpful and kind. They gave much hope and faith, more so dignity. They to me have given the respect to me for what I would for. Love of country and family and there is hope when you have the right staff in your need. Thank you again and again.”

    George D.

    Las Vegas, NV| US Navy Awarded $310,172,10
  • “I was happy with Mr. Lippman's representation of my case. His firm accomplished what I thought hopeless-I received my compensation.”

    Johnny K.

    Johnson City, Texas Awarded $537,367
  • “I was extremely happy with the Veterans Law Group and the manner in which they handled my case. There is no doubt in my mind that had anyone other than Mark Lippman litigated my case I would not have received the back benefits I received. Thanks to Mr. Lippman and the Veterans Law Group my life has changed. You cannot go wrong with Attorney Mark Lippman or anyone associated with his Veterans Law Group.”

    Joseph P.

    Sparks, Nevada Awarded $227,000
  • “Mark Lippman helped me with a 10 year appeal and within a year and a half I received back pay of over $100,000. I would never have reached a settlement without Mark Lippman's help. The VA kept me in limbo for years. Mr. Lippman's knowledge of VA procedures made them accountable. I am now receiving 100% pension for my health condition resulting from the Viet Nam War.”

    Michael G.

    San Diego, California Awarded $103,000
  • “Mark Lippman let me know all the information I needed to prepare well in advance. He even covered some early expenses for the case from his own sources. Excellent lawyer and the case was settled to my satisfaction. I am very thankful to Mark Lippman and his staff for representing me in this caring, precise and realistic manner.”

    Michael S.

    Bosco, North Carolina Awarded $226,500
  • “Mark Lippman and I have worked together on cases before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims involving vision problems for several years. I have been a Service Officer for the Blinded Veterans Association for over 16 years. Mr. Lippman settled a claim I referred to him for over $500,000 -- the largest settlement I have ever known -- and he is currently seeking a Court decision in a case involving the unusual definition of 'blindness' used by the VA.”

    Peter L.

    Veterans Service Officer, Blinded Veterans Awarded
  • “The Veterans Law Group was very vivid in reviewing my claim and stated strongly what the law said. I hail and approve of the way I was treated. They were easy to talk with and treated me with dignity and respect. The Veterans Law Group was precise and I regard them highly. I am very, very happy.”

    Robert P.

    Awarded $423,909
  • “The VBA is set up to discourage vets from following through on their claims. The Veterans Law Group takes that responsibility from vets and does all the negotiating, giving vets a fair fight. I strongly recommend Mr. Lippmann as one who knows veteran law well enough to bring about favorable decisions in less than half the time of vets trying to do this on their own.”

    Steve S

    Massachusetts Awarded $78,234
  • “Mr. Lippman took on my case in 1991. Stuck in there until he was satisfied with the final decision which was 100% TDIU. Thank you Mr. Lippman. Will surely recommend you to other people. Law firm always done what they say they would do. I was very satisfied with the final results of my case.”

    Terry S.

    Gates, NC Awarded $478,901.00
  • “I am very satisfied with your firm's representation regarding my claim against the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The partial settlement I have received has made me feel as though I am finally coming to a closure to a very important part of my life. Thanks to Attorney Mark Lippman for handling my case.

    Mr. Lippman & the Veteran's Law Group have been professional and helpful through this whole long process. Could not be any happier. The moral victory was equally as important as the financial victory. For 60+ years the VA had denied my condition was related to service.”

    Thomas C.

    Melbourne Beach, Florida Awarded $152,839 and then $159,236
  • “VLG was very courteous and acted in a professional manner. I would recommend them to my friends and have already. I am happy with the final result. Received more than I expected.”

    Thomas C.

    New Jersey Awarded $71,220
  • “Veterans Law Group and Mark Lippman obtained excellent end results on my VA Claim. Thank you.”

    Thomas S.

    Asbury, IA| US Navy Awarded $289,746
  • “Thank you to the Veterans Law Group for successfully resolving my appeals claim with the Veterans Administration. After two plus years of aggravation and jumping through VA hoops, I had all but given up. VLG assured me that because of the documented proof they had submitted for my case, a positive outcome was near. Due to their persistency, my case was settled and I received my long awaited justification. A definite life changer! Thanks again to the VLG and I would highly recommend their firm to anyone!”

    Vernon H.

    Kansas City Awarded $44,000
  • “By myself, I would not have survived this, had it not been for Counselor Lippman. We started with nothing, only my story--to the result of winning a V.A. claim. I would recommend attorney Mark Lippman to anyone.”

    Vernon K.

    Mt. Sterling, Kentucky Awarded $216,119
  • “I have been trying to receive compensation since the early 70's from the V.A. for service connected disabilities. I believe without Mark Lippman's help I would still be trying to obtain was due me. I sincerely thank you, Mark and your Staff.”

    William I.

    Mikana, Wisconsin Awarded $145,224.16
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The Veterans Law Group (VLG) is a law firm which has successfully represented disabled veterans and their dependents for more than sixteen years. Mark Lippman is a well-established and trusted practitioner of veterans law, having represented thousands of claimants with physical and psychological disabilities. With his experienced staff, Mr. Lippman diligently seeks the maximum benefits for his clients. The Veterans Law Group is one of the most respected advocates in the field of veterans disability lawyers.

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