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About Us | The Veterans Law Group

The Veterans Law Group was the creation of Mark Lippman, a seasoned attorney whose practice is dedicated to claims made on behalf of disabled veterans and their dependents.  We look forward to serving your needs.

The Veterans Law Group provides representation to veterans and their dependents in their appeals at the Regional Office, Board of Veterans' Appeals, Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and the Federal Circuit. That is all we do. Because we concentrate only in Veterans Claims, we are completely current on the law and, most importantly, on the day-to-day practice of the VA. We specialize in the legal assistance of veterans seeking help with va disability benefits and VA disability claims. We have fought and won veterans disability cases that have established new precedents for veterans disability benefits and claims.

Our Pledge

The Veterans Law Group is committed to obtaining the maximum level of available benefits in every way possible. We know that most claims fail because of lack of medical evidence. Thus, we promise our clients that we will obtain medical opinions, if appropriate, to support their claims. We also promise to advance costs for the payment of the medical opinion. 

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Your Attorneys and Staff

Attorney Mark Lippman

Mark Lippman has been practicing law for 27 years, 23 of which have been devoted to representing clients on appeal, including disabled veterans.
He is one of the most respected advocates for disabled veterans in America, having represented thousands of veterans in claims arising out of peacetime and wartime related injuries as well as involving both physical and psychological disabilities. Mr. Lippman's appellate experience is extremely broad. He has represented clients at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as at other federal appellate courts throughout the nation. Mr. Lippman has written two appellate briefs and argued two cases before the United States Supreme Court. View case summaries that Mark has argued and won to set a precedent. View client testimonials to see feedback from satisfied clients of The Veterans Law Group.

Amanda Mineer

Amanda Mineer is an attorney with nearly ten years of experience practicing law. She graduated from the University of San Diego Law School in 2003 and started her own solo practice in 2005, focusing on helping entrepreneurs start their businesses.

After witnessing a close friend struggle with a Veteran’s Disability Claim for several years, she decided to apply the advocacy skills she gained as an attorney to help veterans navigate the often frustrating VA system. Since joining the Veteran’s Law Group in 2013, Ms. Mineer has helped us strengthen our ability to serve veterans, giving them the support they need through difficult claims processes. Her compassion for veterans, along with her ability to translate legal jargon into easy-to-understand language, allows her to help you, our client, obtain the benefits you deserve.

Mike Schuster

Mike Schuster, a decorated Vietnam veteran who received both the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his distinguished service, has more than 15 years of experience serving fellow veterans.

After receiving his degree in Criminal Justice from Marquette University, Mr. Schuster spent 20 years in law enforcement, and was a Sheriff before he moved on to his work with and for veterans. Before joining us in 2013 as a Senior Paralegal, he worked for 13 years with San Diego County’s Veteran Service Office (the last three as the Office Supervisor and Appeals Officer for Veterans Claims), and spent two years as the La Jolla Hospital Service Officer for Disabled American Veterans. Mr. Schuster’s unique experience and profound commitment to veterans’ well-being enable him to be a powerful advocate who can help you, our client, obtain the benefits you deserve.

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith is a third-generation combat veteran who joined us this year as a Veterans Law Paralegal. Ms. Smith speaks fluent Spanish—having graduated from the University of South Florida in 2007 with a B.A. in Spanish Literature—and she is currently pursuing an MBA degree from California State University.

She worked as an Immigration Paralegal until she joined the United States Marine Corps in 2008, and served for four years as an officer in Afghanistan. For the past two years, Ms. Smith served as the Veterans Counselor and Board Secretary at Escondido Veterans Services. Her personal connection to fellow veterans and unwavering commitment to their well-being will make her especially effective in helping you, our client, obtain the benefits you deserve.

Laura Pflugfelder

Laura Pflugfelder is an attorney with several years of business and legal experience. While studying at the University of San Diego School of Law, she interned for an Arizona Superior Court judge and worked as a Certified Legal Intern at the University of San Diego Civil Clinic, where she represented clients in court under the supervision of an attorney. After graduating from law school in 2013, Ms. Pflugfelder worked as a post-bar law clerk at the university’s Entrepreneurship and Tax clinics, which helped prepare her to assist veterans in navigating the often frustrating VA system. Her compassion for veterans, combined with her ability to decipher and explain legal language and processes, make her especially prepared to help you, our client, obtain the benefits you deserve.


"Were you happy with the final result in your case? "Very much so. "

C. W. Wellman | Bronson, Texas
Awarded $184,235

"I was treated very fairly and was satisfied with the result. "

Charles R. Van Every | Crystal River, Florida
Awarded $221,519

"Good communication, professional, caring, available, prompt, knowledgable, timely submissions. I was awarded 100% service-connected in a difficult area...Agent Orange and Parkinson's Disease. "

Charles Smith | Oregon City, OR
Awarded $64,568

"I tried other representatives for over ten years. They never seemed to try to see my point of view, much less the truth. Mark Lippman's firm went to extremes to find the truth--they were very diligent in representing me in Court I would whole-heartedly recommend that anyone with a difficult case go to Mark Lippman. "

Chester Stricklin | Tulsa, Oklahoma
Awarded $273,069

"I believe Mr. Lippman was entitled to more compensation than he received. He treated me more than fair. He listened to me. When you're hurting and tired of fighting the system, that means a lot. Mark performed admirably, quickly and professionally. I am more than happy with the final result. "

Danny Ridgeway | Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Awarded $158,738

"I felt that the Veteran's Law Group took the time and gathered the needed info to support my case. They never pushed me and my case off to the side. They pushed for what was right and entitled to me for my service to this country. They were willing to listen to me and then do the needed research to support my case. They never made me feel that I was wasting mine or their time. "

Dion Pendergast | Victoria, VA
Awarded $91,577

"More than happy with final result because of your dedication and honesty. Absolutely treated me fairly and compassionately. "

Falco Scuilli | Pittsburgh, PA
Awarded $363,503

"I was happy with Mr. Lippman's representation of my case. His firm accomplished what I thought hopeless-I received my compensation. "

Johnny King | Johnson City, Texas
Awarded $537,367

"I was extremely happy with the Veterans Law Group and the manner in which they handled my case. There is no doubt in my mind that had anyone other than Mark Lippman litigated my case I would not have received the back benefits I received. Thanks to Mr. Lippman and the Veterans Law Group my life has changed. You cannot go wrong with Attorney Mark Lippman or anyone associated with his Veterans Law Group. "

Joseph J. Plant | Sparks, Nevada
Awarded $227,000

"Mark Lippman helped me with a 10 year appeal and within a year and a half I received back pay of over $100,000. I would never have reached a settlement without Mark Lippman's help. The VA kept me in limbo for years. Mr. Lippman's knowledge of VA procedures made them accountable. I am now receiving 100% pension for my health condition resulting from the Viet Nam War. "

Michael Gilmore | San Diego, California
Awarded $103,000

"Mark Lippman let me know all the information I needed to prepare well in advance. He even covered some early expenses for the case from his own sources. Excellent lawyer and the case was settled to my satisfaction. I am very thankful to Mark Lippman and his staff for representing me in this caring, precise and realistic manner. "

Michael Steele | Bosco, North Carolina
Awarded $226,500

"Mark Lippman and I have worked together on cases before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims involving vision problems for several years. I have been a Service Officer for the Blinded Veterans Association for over 16 years. Mr. Lippman settled a claim I referred to him for over $500,000 -- the largest settlement I have ever known -- and he is currently seeking a Court decision in a case involving the unusual definition of 'blindness' used by the VA. "

Peter Link | Veterans Service Officer, Blinded Veterans

"Mr. Lippman took on my case in 1991. Stuck in there until he was satisfied with the final decision which was 100% TDIU. Thank you Mr. Lippman. Will surely recommend you to other people. Law firm always done what they say they would do. I was very satisfied with the final results of my case. "

Terry Smith | Gates, NC
Awarded $478,901.00

"I am very satisfied with your firm's representation regarding my claim against the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The partial settlement I have received has made me feel as though I am finally coming to a closure to a very important part of my life. Thanks to Attorney Mark Lippman for handling my case.
Mr. Lippman & the Veteran's Law Group have been professional and helpful through this whole long process. Could not be any happier. The moral victory was equally as important as the financial victory. For 60+ years the VA had denied my condition was related to service. "

Thomas P. Chotta | Melbourne Beach, Florida
Awarded $152,839 and then $159,236

"By myself, I would not have survived this, had it not been for Counselor Lippman. We started with nothing, only my story--to the result of winning a V.A. claim. I would recommend attorney Mark Lippman to anyone. "

Vernon Kepner | Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
Awarded $216,119

"I have been trying to receive compensation since the early 70's from the V.A. for service connected disabilities. I believe without Mark Lippman's help I would still be trying to obtain was due me. I sincerely thank you, Mark and your Staff. "

William Iversen | Mikana, Wisconsin
Awarded $145,224.16
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