Amanda Mineer

Supervising Attorney

Amanda Mineer is an attorney with over ten years of experience practicing law. In 2003, she graduated from the University of San Diego Law School. She then started her own practice in 2005, with a focus on helping entrepreneurs start their businesses.

After witnessing a close friend struggle with a veterans disability claim for several years, Amanda decided to apply her advocacy skills towards helping veterans navigate the frustrating and complicated VA system.

Since joining the Veteran’s Law Group in 2013, Amanda has helped us to strengthen our ability to serve veterans, giving them the support they need through difficult claims processes. Her compassion for veterans, along with her ability to translate legal jargon into easy-to-understand language, allows her to help you, as our client, get the benefits you deserve. She also serves as an educator to VSOs/VSRs across the country to help them better serve veterans in the early stages of their claims.

Our Duty: Helping disabled veterans win maximum benefits for their total disability claim.

Veterans Benefits Claims Process

Checklists and general guidelines for the Standard Claims Process, and Claim Appeals Process.

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