Recent News for Veterans Disability Claims

Thousands of Veterans Missing Better Benefits

Military Says 77,000 Wounded Veterans Eligible to Appeal Benefits Status; Less Than 1k Applied to Improve Status

Only a fraction of wounded veterans who could get better benefits have applied in the two years since Congress, acting on concerns the military was cutting costs by downplaying injuries, ordered the Pentagon to review disputed claims

Unemployment on the rise for veterans of current wars

The unemployment rate for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars reached 14.7 percent in March, according to the latest government statistics.
The number of unemployed veterans increased to more than 250,000, up about 40,000 over the previous month's figures, according to the Department of Labor Statistics.

Sports Provide Disabled Veterans a Way to Heal

So there he was, chatting with Bode Miller about how a sit-ski for disabled athletes could be revamped and made more sturdy.
That Miller, an Olympic gold medalist, cared enough to talk shop about specially designed ski equipment clearly impressed the Paralympian Sean Halsted, who is paralyzed from the waist down.

Elder abuse investigations linger in incidents at state veterans home

The Veterans Land Board promotes its seven state-owned veterans homes with a glossy brochure titled "Where Honor Lives."

Dogs may help ease veterans' pain

The federal government is spending several million dollars to study whether scientific research supports anecdotal reports that service dogs might speed veterans' recovery from the psychological wounds of wars. Under a bill written by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., veterans with PTSD will get service dogs as part of a pilot program run by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Training such a dog and pairing it with a client costs more than $20,000. The government already helps provide dogs to soldiers who lost their sight or were severely wounded in combat, but had never considered placing dogs for emotional damage.

Veterans say they get better care

Stuart Matthews, a Vietnam veteran, said he sees the changes in the care and the attention he and others receive at the Arizona State Veterans Home.

Strict Deadlines, Disabled Veterans and Dismissed Cases

Three years ago, the Supreme Court said there are some filing deadlines so rigid that no excuse for missing them counts, even if the tardiness was caused by erroneous instructions from a federal judge.

American Legion aims to 'never forget' by opening new library, museum

American Legion Amador Post No. 108 will break ground for a new military library and museum in a few weeks. The new 400-square-foot addition will house books and memorabilia from every war and military conflict in which the United States has engaged.

Doctor studying possible PTSD treatment

Amy Little escaped an armed robbery attempt physically unharmed, but the aftershock lasted years.

After leaving a Carpentersville movie theater in 2004, shortly after the Elgin woman graduated from Larkin High School, Little and a friend were approached by two men who tried to force the pair into a car at gunpoint. Little's companion was struck in the head when he refused. Luckily, a passing squad car scared off the men.

VA laboring under surge of wounded veterans

In a sobering reminder of the long-term costs of war, a dramatic spike in disability claims during the last seven years has overwhelmed the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and nearly doubled the cost of compensating wounded veterans, according to an unprecedented Tribune analysis.

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