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In the last few years, veterans’ disability law has become noticeably more complex. In fact, for this very reason, many lawyers avoid this area of the law. The VLG has practiced veterans’ disability law for the last 16 years, briefing issues before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claim, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and the local regional offices. In short, the VLG has prepared written briefs and memorandums on a vast range of veterans’ disability issues.

The VLG would be happy to share its briefs and memorandums with service officers to assist their clients. In addition, the VLG is available to consult with service officers, identifying the best legal issues to argue and tailoring the legal analysis to the facts of the particular case.

To review a VLG brief relevant to one of your cases, please indicate the specific facts and legal issues involved, and VLG staff will send a copy of a brief or written memorandum, discussing the same or similar issue(s).

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