Questions to Ask Before Selecting a VA Disability Attorney for Your Claim

Choosing the right lawyer to handle your VA disability case can be the deciding factor in whether you receive the disability benefits you need. It is vital that you choose an attorney with experience in the field of VA disability benefits who is qualified to handle your case.

Do you know what questions to ask before selecting a VA disability benefits lawyer for your claim? The questions below should help you pick the right VA disability attorney for your claim.

How Much Experience Does the Lawyer Have With Disability Claims?

The first question you should ask a potential attorney for your VA disability benefits case is how much experience the lawyer has with VA disability claims. You may want to choose another attorney if the attorney is new and without much experience or support. This is especially the case if your claims have additional levels of complexity that an inexperienced attorney may not know how to handle.

Does the Lawyer Focus on VA Disability Benefits Claims?

Another question is whether the attorney focuses on VA disability benefits claims. You may meet a lawyer who tells you that they have many years of experience, but that experience may be in an entirely different area of the law. Be specific in asking how much the lawyer focuses on disability benefits claims in their practice.

What is the Plan to Win Your Benefits?

A knowledgeable attorney should be able to review the facts of your case and articulate a basic plan of how they intend to win your appeal. This not only shows you that the attorney has an understanding of the process but also that they comprehend the specifics of your claim. You should also ask what the contingency plan is if your initial appeal for benefits is denied.

Will This Lawyer be Handling Your Claim?

When speaking with an attorney about your case, be sure to ask whether this lawyer will be the one who actually manages your claim from beginning to end. In some firms, partner attorneys will hand cases off to associates under their supervision to handle once they secure the client. Be sure to get the assurance that the lawyer you are talking to is the one who will actually manage your claim.

What is This Lawyer’s Success Rate with Disability Benefits Cases?

Finally, ask the lawyer about their success rate with disability benefits cases. It does not mean much if the lawyer has years of experience and a focus on VA disability claims cases if they rarely succeed in getting benefits for veterans. The lawyer should be able to tell you their success rate with initial appeals as well as appeals to the higher courts.

Call or Contact a VA Disability Attorney Now

Asking these and other important questions to potential attorneys for your disability benefits case is the best way to ensure that you hire a quality attorney to handle your claim. Call or contact lawyers in your area today to schedule appointments to discuss your case.

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