VA Disability and Social Security: Can I Receive Benefits For Both A Social Security Disability Award And A VA Total Disability Award Based Upon Individual Unemployability (TDIU)?

Yes, you can! Social Security disability benefits are not offset against benefits received under a VA TDIU award and vice versa. A veteran can receive both VA disability and Social Security disability. However, make sure you understand the difference between a TDIU award and a non-service-connected pension award.

A TDIU award requires proof of being unemployable due to one or more service-connected disabilities. A non-service-connected pension is a needs-based benefit for wartime veterans (but not necessarily veterans who engaged in war or conflict operations) who are 65 or older, with marginal or no income, or who have a permanent and total non-service-connected disability.

Unlike in the case of a TDIU award, a veteran cannot receive both Social Security disability benefits and pension benefits. Offsetting provisions apply.

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