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Episode 10: You Are Not Forgotten

So far, we’ve heard about veterans trying their hardest to receive compensation while they were serving. The ones we forget to talk about are the forgotten veterans. Who are they? Why have they been forgotten?

The forgotten veterans are the ones who are or have been incarcerated and the dark part about the retired veteran life is overlooked. Well, they’re not forgotten. You are not forgotten and you are noticed.

Incarcerated veterans aren’t criminals. Some of them have been incarcerated because of the trauma that they developed. Some are incarcerated because of missed payments. Being incarcerated doesn’t always mean you’re a criminal.

These incarcerated veterans still have respect and patriotism for their country.

Amanda and Violet, a wife of a Vietnam veteran and a current paralegal, expressed their surprise when they visited incarcerated veterans.

So do incarcerated veterans get compensation? Yes, they do. Depending on how long they’ve been incarcerated the compensation varies.

Amanda and Violet work tirelessly with veterans and their families to make sure that they get the compensation that they all rightfully deserve. Letters from veterans and families are the reasons why Amanda and Violet do what they do. They understand that every veteran incarcerated or not, all are deserving of compensation for the disability they acquired during their service.

In many cases for veterans, it’s not about the money. Veterans want the VA to acknowledge that they have been injured. That they have mental or physical issues developed while being in the military. Oftentimes acknowledgment is all that is needed. Yes, at times the VA disability is about money, but all veterans are looking for is to know that their mental or physical disability is being recognized.

Listen to Amanda and Violet talk about the steps they take to make sure incarcerated veterans are able to get the VA disability compensation they have the right to. It’s surprising to see how many veterans are not aware of the compensation they can get from the injury they acquired while in service.

Another special guest in the podcast is Tim. Amanda has been working on Tim’s case and they are going to share Tim’s experience working with Amanda and Violet about VA disability benefits. Don’t be surprised to hear about veterans not being educated about filing for VA disability benefits. 

There are many things that get swept under the rug in the world of veterans. Amanda is ready to tackle these hurdles and educate the public about the challenges that the VA puts veterans through. It’s time to acknowledge that mental health problems and physical injuries these patriots develop are going to be swept under the rug. You are heard. You are acknowledged.