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Episode 12: Calling From Coronado

In this episode, a very special guest joins the podcast. 

Mike, a retired US Navy veteran and currently working as the Director of Readiness for the Soft Transition Program. Mike has spent 23 years in active duty in the US Navy and retired as a Commander in 2012. For the past 9 years, he has been working for the US Navy in a different capacity.

A little background about Mike. His parents were immigrants from the Netherlands who had suffered through World War II. The US Navy wasn’t his initial choice. His first choice was to join the AirForce but due to the breathing issues he had as a child, he was medically disqualified. 

Mike joined the Naval Academy thanks to his crew coach, being best friends with the recruiter, during his time on the Cal State rowing team. Fast forward to the present, Mike is now working to make sure that any Naval veteran transitioning out to civilian life gets the necessary help they need to make sure they can adjust to their new life.

Mike has offered his hand in working and supporting US Navy veterans who are transitioning into civilian life. The Readiness for Soft Transition Program is an internal program offered to US Navy veterans who are getting ready to leave the military. 

Apart from being aware of the mental health trauma and physical injuries that veterans go through, there are other aspects that we stay aware of. The military becomes part of a veteran’s life. It’s their identity. It’s who they are. Granted every veteran should think about getting a VA disability claim, they also need education on family resiliency, educational needs and financial needs. 

These people are literally getting a fresh start from the life they were used to before and without the proper help or education how are they going to make a smooth transition? Amanda and Mike discuss how his role as a Director for the transitioning program addresses these situations and what he does to make sure that every Naval veteran gets the correct help catered to them.

In this informative and educational episode, Amanda and Mike join their forces in how Veterans are affected by transition when it comes to money, education and family along with the effects Afghanistan has left behind on all military veterans.