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Episode 13: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Veterans Law Group has been practicing exclusively in the VA Disability Compensation for over 25 years. Hostess Amanda Mineer is a veteran advocate and attorney. She has been working with the Veterans Law Group since 2013.

She works with veterans from all over the country to help them get the compensation they deserve.

In today’s episode, Amanda answers all of the commonly asked questions. This includes VA Disability Compensation, benefits and eligibility.

Why are veterans hesitant to file disability claims?

There is a stigma about attaching oneself as a disabled veteran. Some veterans have gotten used to living with a certain code of honor. This makes it hard to admit that they’re disabled in some way.

However, having a disability is only stating that they’re not as good as they were when they joined the military.

Amanda works to break the stigma of the word disability.

A disability only mentions the pain from a physical part of the body. Or, the suffering of a mental health problem such as depression.

Why do veterans not want to file their claims?

Veterans feel that other people need it more than them. Yet, nothing gets taken away from somebody else. She encourages veterans to file their claims and get a disability rating.

Why? This can help veterans with their jobs and it’s a way of taking care of their families.

Why does the VA process take so long?

Amanda discusses that initial claims take at most three to six months.

On the other hand, when a veteran has to go into an appeal because they get denied or underrated, it takes a longer time. The VA shifts resources from one to the other, which causes a decrease in appeals and a decrease in initial claims.

Another reason why the VA process is taking a long time is because of the additional presumptive benefits.

Now, the VA has begun receiving claims for the Gulf war. The VA established three different presumptions.

What this means is, if there is a veteran who served in the Gulf and has certain disabilities, they can file their VA disability compensation. This has caused a flood of claims that are being applied.

Are you eligible for VA disability compensation?

To find out, listen to Amanda’s podcast as she discusses more frequently asked questions and answers the questions of three callers, JB, Keith and Paul.