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Episode 15: Basics of Filing a Claim and Live Calls With Amanda Mineer

The Veterans Law Group represents disabled veterans and their families with over 25 years of experience, they have succeeded in helping veterans receive the compensation they deserve.

Today on this podcast, hostess Amanda Mineer is going to explain the basics, processes and answer questions from live callers.

Let’s start with the basics. What happens when a veteran gets out of the military and files a disability claim?

To give you an understanding, disability compensation is a contract that veterans sign when they join the military. Civilians agree through the contract that any disability they get while veterans are in service, they get compensated for as long as they have this disability. 

A disability can be an injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder that developed while in the military, or depression and anxiety.

In the podcast, Amanda explains the process of filing a claim and mentions that the law states that nobody can charge a veteran for filing a VA. She talks about some of the suspicious activity when veterans get charged for asking for help when it comes to VA compensation.

Starting the process of filing a claim tells the VA that you have some injuries related to your service. You don’t have to have a diagnosis and you don’t have to know what your injuries are.

After the submission of your claim, you will go through the C&P exam. The exam is going to give you a diagnosis if you have one and it’s going to determine what the percentage of a disability is.

Amanda emphasizes that a C&P exam can make or break your case. During the C&P, you fill out a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ). The questionnaire is a standardized questionnaire that gets sent back to the VA and a determination gets made based upon the statutes for each disability.

Throughout the podcast, Amanda talks with a few live callers regarding their experience with the VA and the percentage they received. One caller, Mike, talks about how his sleep apnea claims got denied by the VA and how his appeal was also denied.

Join Amanda as she talks in more detail about the basics and processes of filing a VA and talks with some of her callers to try and answer their questions that could help you.