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Episode 16: Discharge, C&P Exams and Live Callers With Amanda Mineer

At the beginning of the podcast, hostess Amanda Mineer, talks about the recent news in the military, specifically about the Navy. Recently, the Navy has decided to re-evaluate discharge upgrade applications of sailors diagnosed with PTSD, TBI, MST or other mental health and behavioral conditions.

Amanda talks about the importance of discharge upgrades as if you have a dishonorable discharge, and how the VA has the option to grant you or not grant you benefits. Oftentimes, the VA may grant you healthcare benefits so you can receive treatments, but not compensation for your condition.

Those who obtain a discharge upgrade to either a general or honorable discharge will be eligible for compensation and education benefits.

Further into the podcast, Amanda receives a live call from Ben, a retired Navy from San Diego. He asks Amanda why the VA rated his heart problem while in the military as zero percent. 

Amanda explains that when it comes to rating based upon a disability, the statute becomes the basis of rating. Basically, the rating comes down to the law, which states that if you have a certain disability you have a certain percentage.

The next caller, Susie, discusses her son-in-law and daughter’s situation. Amanda advises that as long as her son-in-law gets a general, other than honorable, or honorable discharge, this makes him available for VA disability benefits.

She also advises that when her son-in-law does the exit interview/examination, he needs to make sure that he includes the mental health issues. By mentioning his mental health issues, it makes it easier for him to get his disability compensation.

Amanda urges that if you leave the military to file for your compensation package. You may get a zero percent, but that percentage might change down the road as the injury bothers you more and more.

As we near the end of the podcast, Amanda explains the C&P exam is an exam that every veteran filing for a claim must take. Your case depends on the C&P exam and this exam is getting a medical opinion on two things. The first is if your injury has a relation to your service and the second, what is the severity of that injury. This equates down to the percentage that you get on that injury.

Follow Amanda on this podcast as she works to educate her listeners on the discharge upgrade, the importance of a C&P exam and takes questions for her live callers.