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Episode 17: The Voice of Incarcerated Veterans

Amanda Mineer is accompanied by Violet Roman, a third-generation veteran. Who served in the 1991 Gulf War with the 129th Evacuation Hospital in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. She helped numerous people through her work in hospitals before being scouted by the Veterans Law Group in 2017 as a paralegal.

Amanda and Violet start this episode with a discussion about the incarcerated veterans, or as they call them, the forgotten veterans. These veterans are often ignored when they write for assistance. Thus they struggle to obtain any kind of help when applying for benefits or even believe that they aren’t afforded any.

Both of the hosts talk about the benefits that the forgotten veterans can still obtain and how to go through the process of applying for them. That leads them into reminiscing about their first time visiting a prison to help the veterans inside and how that changed their perspective.

Later on in the episode, a conversation with special guest Tim. He joined the army in 2007 in Texas when he was 18 years old and was quickly deployed to Iraq shortly after that. Tim and Amanda talk about his time in Iraq and what his deployments were like as he developed and grew his family by getting married and having kids. They also cover what his personal experience was when dealing with the VA and his PTSD. Amanda mentions what the process of raising his disability rating was like, as well as how that applies to other veterans today.

As Tim and Amanda wrap up their conversation, Tim recalls what it was like from his perspective when working with the Veterans Law Group. Mainly how quick the process turned out to be.

Dealing with disabilities is a constant battle and those who have to fight it are deserving of all the help that we’re able to provide. If one of your loved ones is an incarcerated veteran who is seeking assistance when applying for benefits, or you need help that you can count on in your own battle with the VA, the Veterans Law Group can help. Schedule a consultation with us today.