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Episode 18: The Barrel With The Orange Stripe

Amanda is joined by her friend and co-host, Star, who is a United States Air Force Veteran with four years of service experience. She now serves as a paralegal for Veterans Law Group.

They start this episode off with an interesting discussion on Star’s background, including her inspirations to join up and her battle with the VA. When she left the armed forces, she was initially denied benefits.

From there, our hosts spring into many interesting discussions about what Veterans often don’t realize or may not remember about the process of filing a claim.

Their conversations include how VSOs are often relied upon too heavily and that despite the exceptional work that many do, they aren’t always able to balance that workload to favor your case specifically.

At the midway point of our podcast, Amanda & Star transition into a discussion about the C&P Exams, which are often a high-stress point in the lives of many Veterans. But that’s for a good reason, as the C&P Exam often determines the severity of the disability and whether it’s genuinely service-connected.

Later on, Mel, a frequent caller and a Navy Veteran who served in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970, calls into the podcast. He tells a bit of his story, going over the process of joining the armed forces before talking about his personal experience with Agent Orange—the barrel with the orange stripe.

Mel and our hosts talk about how Agent Orange was deployed, what it was used for, and mainly, the unanticipated effects that it had on soldiers after the fact.

As the podcast wraps up, Mel vividly describes a scene he witnessed while in Vietnam: Agent Orange was sprayed on the dense vegetation all around him, creating a cloud of chemical mist that could hardly be seen through.

For more information on Agent Orange, check out the Veterans Law blog that covers this topic in more detail here.

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