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Episode 20: Military Sexual Harassment, Permanent Disability Issues and Live Calls

This week’s Veteran’s Voice podcast talks about military sexual harassment and permanent disability issues with live callers.

The podcast starts with co-host, Star, a U.S. air force veteran. She gives her perspective of a new order the Biden administration has implemented for sexual harassment in the military. 

She talks about the pros and cons of said ordered law, including some of the hesitations she has for the order. Amanda Mineer questions, “What defines sexual harassment?” Star asks, “Where do you draw the line?”

The podcast takes a turn in the direction of veterans who are seeking permanent disability and disability ratings. Star says the VA doesn’t tell you if they are making a permanent disability determination unless you get a specific sheet from the VA that lists it. 

This leaves veterans wondering if they’re going to be sent back for exams and when those exams will be. This oftentimes adds to any anxiety, depression or other mental health issues they may already be facing. 

Mineer mentions that many people receiving military disability benefits wait for that 10-year mark, which is ultimately when most veterans’ permanent disability comes into play. However, she says that the VA is usually inconsistent as to when they ask veterans to have another exam.

She talks about how the VA, in particular, doesn’t get it right for veterans. Star adds that the appeals process for veterans is more common than the VA getting veterans’ disability determination right the first time.

Also joining the podcast include live callers David Evans, a U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, and Darrell, a Vietnam veteran. 

Evans talks about his and his father’s PTSD and the injuries of some of his comrades. He mentions how he believes the U.S. should currently be spending more money on Americans than on wars right now. 

Darrell mentions how he receives 100 percent benefits. He asks what the difference is between unemployability and physical and mental permanent disability, and whether or not he will receive death benefits.

Those who must wage war on a daily basis against their disabilities are deserving of all the assistance we can give them. If you need help that you can rely on in your own battle with the VA and disability benefits, the Veterans Law Group is here for you. Contact us for a consultation today.