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Episode 21: Possible Changes to Veterans Disability Law…

Amanda A. Mineer, the host of The Veterans Voice, is back in the 21st episode of the show. In this episode, she focuses on some of the common questions that many veterans have in a Q&A style. 

As the lines open, our first caller, retired Lieutenant Colonel Martin– a long-time caller with over 20 years of experience in the armed forces– starts the call in a rather unexpected but nonetheless delightful way. Martin says that “(Amanda & The Veterans Voice Podcast) are the most informative experts on this subject matter that he has ever heard.”

Springing from that, he raises a question that his friend has had on their mind involving the difference between the permanent and total disability ratings. 

According to Martin, the question is this– If I don’t get a permanent rating, are they going to review me every three years and try to reduce my rating? Or otherwise, never let me make it up to a 100 percent rating?

Amanda hears that question and does her best to give a thorough response– walking the audience between the two different routes that one can take to reach a 100 percent rating. She covers scheduler and the “magic math formulas” known as VA math, which work together in order to determine your rating.

Later on in the episode, the show receives another caller– Max. He received an email from the VA entitled “VA Proposes Disability Rating Changes.” The email states that there are updates to three issues– sleep apnea, mental health and tinnitus. 

Max goes on to read the rest of the email to all of the live listeners. Then they discuss Amanda’s thoughts on the proposed updates. Including what she believes will happen, expanding to why veterans shouldn’t necessarily be concerned about these possible updates. 

Towards the end of our episode, we have a final caller named Roz. She calls in to give fellow veterans a heads up about jobs in the manufacturing industry at a company called L.A. Gauge that she believes would be a great fit. 

Amanda and Roz continue their discussion venturing into why it’s often so challenging for veterans to find work even though veterans are often the most teachable in new positions. 

If you want to hear more about Amanda’s insightful conversations on this episode, we encourage you to listen to the full podcast.