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Episode 23: The Results of Bad Advice

If you’re looking to learn and connect with others just like you, then episode 23 of The Veterans Voice podcast is one you can’t miss! 

Our host Amanda L. Mineer is focused on one thing in this episode– education. As a teacher and an educator at heart, Amanda uses this live episode to open up the channel for some active dialogue with listeners that are very similar to you. She gives everyone a glimpse into the process that Veterans Law Group uses to help veterans. And moreover, she gives us some valuable advice when looking into issuing an appeal. 

To kick all of that off it, Amanda takes a call from Max, a long-time listener and veteran. 

Max has several things on his mind as he calls in to the show, but mainly, he’s looking to help his fellow veterans by warning about the sometimes faulty advice coming from VA representatives and even other lawyers. 

Max describes his experience following his lawyer’s advice that ended up causing a completely avoidable stall in his case. He also tells us about the struggles he faced being turned away by attorney after attorney. Which, as he says, made it seem nearly impossible to find help– a feeling that all too many veterans often share, as they’re fighting for their benefits. 

Following Amanda’s thoughts on the advice that Max had received and even some other choices that his lawyer made, we take a turn to discuss C&P Exams and their importance. 

A discussion that is made all the more critical after Amanda hears some troubling rumors about the exam itself. She explains that C&P Exams should be considered mandatory if you want the best chance of the VA considering your case, especially if you want them in favor of your claim. 

Nearing the end of the episode, we dive into misconceptions that have been passed around the veteran community, including the false notion that you must wait for your pending claims to be settled before filing another. 

After listening to this episode, if you’re interested in discussing the details of your case with Veterans Law Group, all you have to do is request a free consultation! After doing so, you can expect to be in touch with the remarkable team here soon.

In the meantime, read more on the importance of C&P Exams by visiting this page here.