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Episode 26: How the VA Can Take a Firearm

Episode 26 of the Veterans Voice podcast is an interesting look at the VA itself! 

Host Amanda L. Mineer, the managing attorney here at the Veterans Law Group, shares some fascinating information about the “believe it or not” non-adversarial process over at the VA. 

She reveals that it’s actually a process that sets veteran claims apart from the standard litigation process as there would be in a personal injury case or break of contract lawsuit. And that it was always meant to promote healthy cooperation between veterans, their representatives and the VA! 

All to ensure they get their rightful compensation. 

Unfortunately, we know all too well that from the veteran’s perspective, that doesn’t exactly work out all of the time…

Later on, Amanda guided us into a couple of things that she prepared for discussion on the podcast. “One is regarding incompetency claims with the VA.” But like the brilliant educator that she is, she lays the groundwork with some general information first. 

She says, “When you apply for disability compensation, you’re saying to the VA that during your time in the military, you experienced some sort of injury. And now that you’re out, that injury is limiting your ability to earn an income great enough to support yourself and your family. To that, the VA typically agrees to replace that lost income with disability compensation for as long as you have that injury.” 

Pretty simple. 

However, the VA can also claim incompetency and use medical evidence to say that you cannot handle your finances. Fortunately for veterans who may be in that situation against the VA, you have a period of time when you can fight their claim. Find out more at the 8:00-minute mark!  

Moving forward through other discussions, we take a call from Bill 18:00 minutes into the show. 

Bill says, “I was discharged from the military with a medical injury that gave me trouble balancing. Due to that, I took a fall later on as a civilian, and the VA paid for the bill. But they ended up taking my firearm when I was in the hospital…” 

Surpisingly to Bill, he learns that through an incompetency claim, the VA can take his firearm, as Amanda explains. 

This episode of The Veterans Voice podcast continues with more calls from inspiring veterans and even one from a long-time listener, Martin. If you want to hear the questions those veterans have been waiting to ask Amanda, tune in to the episode now!