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Episode 30: How elections affect the VA

Typically the Veteran’s Voice podcast choices to stay out of the political discussions. Instead, choosing to lean toward the issues plaguing the veteran community on an individual level. However, as this episode was recorded live on election night, Amanda L. Mineer, our long-time host, opened up the channels of communication—giving those listening in the veteran community a chance for open discussions about the political changes approaching us…

Particularly, when it comes to such a large organization, such as the VA, the discussion becomes, how do these changes in the hierarchy affect the paperwork that individuals like yourself are handing in to the VA offices? 

In other words, how do shifting power dynamics in politics trickle down the ladder and affect you? 

Amanda says she has seen an astonishing amount of political change over her 12 years in law. Those very changes range from the President himself to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, who is currently the Honorable Denis Richard McDonough, appointed by President Biden. 

Amanda goes on to say that over the years, she has seen many people appointed to the position, and she has also seen the tidal waves of veterans demanding change within the organization every time. However, Amanda says that despite the change she desperately wants to see within the VA as well, she understands that truly changing an organization will take more than a single person at the top of the pyramid. 

It’ll take more… 

Perhaps it’ll take changing the 30-year-old habits that many of the workers within the office have been fixated on to truly find new ways of supporting the veteran community. Listen to the podcast to discover more of Amanda’s thoughts on this subject. 

Later on, the Veteran’s Voice podcast takes a call from a listener, Glen from Los Angeles. He starts his call with a strong statement that surprises even Amanda herself. Glen goes on to explain his strong words and what has him feeling so disgruntled. He tells us it’s about a change with VA doctors which occurred over seven years ago and his subsequent complaint about the quality of care he has received. 

Altogether, this episode includes several more calls from veterans within the community discussing their issues with the VA and more commentary about the implications of political changes! If you want to know how the coming political changes will affect your personal life as a veteran, listen to this episode of the podcast! 

Election night podcasts don’t come often. Click play now.