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Episode 31: New Impactful Bill Affecting Veterans!

On this episode of The Veterans Voice Podcast, our host, Amanda L. Mineer, and some callers discuss hot topics in the veteran community. One is a new senate bill that passed just last week as of June 16th, 2022. 

The bill is called “The Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxicity” or “PACT Act” for short. It indicates the united movement to support veterans exposed to toxic chemicals. And the new bill will likely mark one of the most impactful changes to the substantive part of VA benefits…

Amanda tells us about the extraordinary way the PACT Act flew through the senate with immense bipartisan support. And goes on to discuss how soon we can expect the PACT Act to hit the desk of the President and what it will mean for you.

Shortly after, We received another call from Lieutenant Colonel Martin. Martin, a regular caller on the show, has some compliments to give and a question to ask. 

He says, “It’s a pleasure to speak with you again (Amanda). I’ll reiterate that you are the smartest (most educated) person I’ve known in 20-30 years as far as the veteran’s administration. 

So, thank you.

I’ll get right to my question, piggybacking on your earlier conversation about burn pits and effective dates. Filing back in 2003, upon returning from Afghanistan, where the burn pits were present, my claims were denied. However, as of ten years ago, I’m rated at 100 percent for other complications. 

So my question is, would I be able to make further claims for the disabilities that sprang from my time in Afghanistan?”

Amanda gives our regular caller a thorough answer, and then, shortly after that, we’re joined by Darrel, another veteran, who says that he is connected to Martin! 

Darrel says, “I just wanted to make a little comment here. I’ve called in a few times before, and I got some good answers then. 

But the thing that I wanted to mention was that I worked with Lieutenant Colonel Martin also! I know all about how he has helped fellow veterans. And he mentions you (Amanda) and the Veterans Law Group all the time.

That only raises my confidence in you.”

After a truly joyful conversation with Darrel, Amanda moves on to other topics, such as the five different ways to challenge the VA when you are denied. Truly critical information for any veteran that is attempting to fight the VA. Don’t miss out on that information and how the PACT Act could affect your life! If you or a loved one need help to obtain the benefits that you deserve, contact us at Veterans Law Group. Click here.