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Episode 35: The Most Important Piece of Advice For Vets…

Welcome to episode 35 of the Veterans Voice podcast with host Amanda L. Mineer, the managing attorney at Veterans Law Group! In this episode, Amanda returns to her roots and passion– education. And she starts this podcast with an important question that we want to present here as well, what’s the biggest challenge you’re facing with your claim?

Think about your answer, and let us know next time we’re on the air! 

After Amanda asks her questions, she gets to work, attempting to educate new listeners! First, she explains that Veterans Law Group only works in appeals. That means our clients have already received a decision/ rating from the VA they believe is inaccurate. And when they come to us, they’re looking to file an appeal and receive a rating that accurately captures the true impact of their disability. 

She also goes on to say that, unfortunately, that means we can be tempted to take on a rather negative image of the VA. (As we only see the times the VA gets it wrong.) However, Amanda works increasingly hard to curb her cynicism and look toward the VA with an optimistic gaze— The hopeful mindset that is always needed in the veteran community. 

Later, Amanda dives further into her mission of education, and we cover the 5-year rule, the 10-year rule and the 20-year rule. 

She explains how the above mentioned rules interplay with permanent and total disability ratings. Focusing her explanations on back and knee-related injuries and PTSD, she tells us that for each one, the VA will determine whether or not they believe it’s a permanent disability. Then they will rate it. However, Amanda also says that no matter what decision a veteran gets back, it’s always an option to file for an increase with help. 

After we finish our discussion over permanent disability ratings, we carry on and cover total disabilities and what that term truly means for a veteran.

Then we go over several other very important subjects for veterans, including a thorough explanation of how someone goes from active service in the military to a veteran with a disability rating. And Amanda shares her views on Veteran Law Group’s position in the veteran community.

We also discuss the incoming claims involving agent orange, burn pits and Vietnam-era veterans coming soon– As a new bill is being polished for the President’s signature. Then, Amanda drops a bombshell– Her best piece of advice for every active service member about to leave the military. 

To hear that advice for yourself and discover the other exciting discussions in this podcast that aren’t mentioned here, listen to this episode now! 

If you or a loved one needs help filing your appeal, Veterans Law Group can help. Contact us now with a free consultation.