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Episode 39: Fire, Documents and Disability Ratings

As we get closer and closer to 40 episodes of The Veterans Voice, Amanda continues to ramp things up with interesting and influential topics! In this episode, our host takes us on a tour through the bulletin board of VA rating decisions so ridiculous it’s hard not to point and laugh. She also takes a moment to address PTSD after retirement, and many other topics, such as how to file for an increased disability rating. 

After the bulletin board tour that you’ll have to listen to learn more about, Amanda starts discussing the importance of having a sense of humor when dealing with the VA. And on the other hand, she tells us about the very real frustration toward the VA she feels on behalf of some veterans who come to Veterans Law Group. 

Later, Amanda helps us answer an important question. 

Suppose you have a 20 percent disability rating on your back and another 30 percent rating for PTSD from 20 years ago. How do you increase those ratings if you feel they don’t accurately capture your pain? Well, her answer may surprise you. And she also takes the opportunity to highlight the stark differences between filing a claim post-2019 and 20 years ago, when it was as simple as writing on a napkin…

Then, we welcome Lieutenant colonel Martin, a six-time caller and friend of veterans! 

Martin starts his discussion by acknowledging his respect and gratitude for Amanda and her work addressing behind-the-scenes VA topics. He also piggybacks off of something Amanda mentioned earlier in the podcast regarding VSOs, and asks two highly fascinating questions! All in all, Martin, yet again, brings important discussions to the table while maintaining a bright, optimistic tone. 

Listen to this episode to hear it for yourself! 

Do you want to hear more? Good! This episode continues its quick pace and doesn’t disappoint. With Amanda at the lead, we have more critical VA discussions and another caller who starts a conversation regarding a horrible duo– fiire and important records. The caller also asks for Amanda’s advice on how to proceed in his daunting situation. 

If, after listening to this episode of the podcast, you decide to reach out to Veterans Law Group, you can request a free consultation right here. Amanda and the rest of the team will be happy to receive your call and help you receive the best possible outcome with the VA.