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Episode 6: Have You Heard About VA Mortgage Loans?

Getting your finances in check is always a stressful moment. Especially when you’re thinking about buying a house. Figuring out if your credit is good enough, finding the best mortgage loans, finding a house that fits within your budget. So many factors to think about. Now imagine being a veteran and having put yourself in that situation.

Sometimes people who join the military never really planned for it to happen or always knew they wanted to join. At least, in Jeremiah’s situation, he was content with his life at first. He was content with where his life was at that moment. He didn’t need change. To some, that’s completely okay. Don’t give in to the pressures of others or what society deems as what a good life is. Your life is your life. But, Jeremiah broke his arm and that put him in a bad position. His arm took 6 months to heal and during that time, his friend joined the army. Jeremiah saw the doors that opened up for his friend and decided to join the navy in 1998. Jeremiah saw his opportunity of joining the navy as an opening to better his life and traveling the world. It was a change he needed to get out of Sacramento.

Jeremiah is a U.S. Navy veteran and is working through the VA disability process and has established himself a post-military career, a VA mortgage lender. So how did Jeremiah transition out of the navy? Well, Jeremiah had no intention of staying. He just wanted to go to college, get job experience, and get out. Even though his career in the navy was moving along – fast, Jeremiah didn’t want to be part of the change. Eventually, he got out.

All Jeremiah was taught in Taps Class when he transitioned out, is that he could get State unemployment and go to college. There was no talk about the GI bill, nothing about VA claims and VA loans. Jeremiah didn’t know about the existence of VA loans. Jeremiah is now faced with growing medical bills due to his skin cancer and needs to figure out how to file his VA claims and other issues to come.

So, how was he able to find out about VA loans and VA claims? Find out how Jeremiah figured out the answers to his trouble and how you can help any veterans you know.