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Episode 8: Spouses In The Military And What They See

In this episode, Karen, the spouse of a U.S. Army veteran, guests with Amanda Mineer. Karen has been married to a veteran who served 30 years out of high school before his retirement. Karen assists the Veterans Law Group by taking on calls from veterans and their families and providing any information they may need, from navigating the appeals process to clearing up any misconceptions they may have.

This episode focuses on the VA appeals process and military life through the spouses’ eyes, who often sacrifice a lot of what they have to support their loved ones and country in the process. Karen mentions the struggles of raising a family and maintaining a career as a military spouse while dealing with the constant moving. She talks about how the appeal process affected her husband’s career and personal life, and she notes how complex it can be to deal with the VA at any point.

They also go over how veterans, whether they believe so or not, deserve the treatment and support offered by their country for either physical or mental disabilities.

Amanda and Karen discuss that most veterans will not admit to a problem and thus never seek any medical attention; this can lead to complications when applying for disability benefits. We heavily encourage listeners to get their loved ones on active duty to seek medical attention before leaving service. It’s essential to show a link between your current injury or disability and your service treatment records to prevent these complications.

Later in the episode, Mike, another veteran, joins them from LA. He lends his endorsement of what Veterans Law does and speaks about losing his appeal date due to covid. He expressed his concern about the appeal being a lost cause, but Amanda reassures him that the VA offers extensions upon request. She then explains how The Veterans Law Group can help him sort through the details of such a process.

Our hosts wrap up this episode by going through what the veterans often feel—recapping the troubles that they go through when trying to prove their disability to the VA.

You can find all of this and more during this episode, so be sure to listen in!