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Episode 9: The Spectrum: The Man On Both Ends

Any form of physical or psychological trauma is becoming more and more normalized. What about the physical and psychological trauma that veterans develop? How are retired veterans and soon-to-retired veterans getting the help they need? 

There are a lot of misconceptions that the VA disability is only for veterans who really need it. That’s not the case. Physical and mental trauma should not be categorized as high or low priority. Every physical or mental disability that veterans are diagnosed with is equally important.

The VA disability compensation is granted to veterans who had an in-service injury. The type of in-service injury is either physical or psychological. The catch is: how were those injuries related to their time while on duty and if they are currently struggling with it.

These types of injuries don’t disappear in a day. Veterans have to live with these injuries and have to revert back to the way society lives, and with these injuries, it’s not as easy. These injuries can get so severe that veterans find it difficult to hold down a job and adjust to a “normal” life.

The struggling part about getting the VA to grant a veterans case is the tedious process that’s not talked about. 

Before veterans can get the compensation they rightfully deserve, they have to go through a medical examination with the VA. 

Ed, a former US Navy and currently working as a paralegal has been on both ends of the spectrum. Ed provides guidance and advice to veterans who are going to get their C&P exam. As the man who has experienced the process that other veterans wait to go through, he talks about the struggles that many of us don’t know of.

Listen to Amanda and Ed talk about the struggles veterans go through to get the compensation they need. Amanda and Ed will provide a rare insight into what the process is really like, and Ed will share his journey about how he helped a World War II veteran get the long-overdue compensation.