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Episode 32: Love letters that won a disability claim…

Welcome to episode 32 of The Veterans Voice with Amanda L. Mineer! This episode of our podcast has a lot of information for veterans all over the country. But we start with a discussion about how the process of obtaining benefits has continued to become more and more complicated over the years—almost painstaking now. 

Amanda says she remembers the days when a veteran could nearly write their claim down on a napkin and simply hand it over to the VA. Simple and easy. However, in the last few years, she says it’s become much more complicated… And how easy claims are no longer possible. 

Amanda goes on to discuss the VA-required forms that add an extra layer of difficulty for many veterans nowadays. She also tells us that if the veteran submits the wrong form, the VA often neglects to inform them which documents they need to submit in its place—adding even more pain to this challenging process. 

Later, Amanda talks about the bill we discussed in our last episode, “The Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxicity” or “PACT Act.” She describes all of the promising things in the works as the bill gets closer to passing. While she can’t fully guess on exactly what the future holds with this, she anticipates that there will be an influx of claims very soon, as a new door for veterans swings open. 

Then, we welcome back Lieutenant Colonel Martin–a regular caller. Martin tells us about a dependent of a Vietnam veteran who was given a 100 percent service-connected disability rating after using such unique evidence–old love letters to his wife. The dependent of the Vietnam veteran is 60 today, and the question is, can a child above the typical TRICARE age limit of 21 to 23 receive benefits, too? 

To hear Amanda’s hot-blooded answer, listen to this podcast episode! 

Moving along, we take a call from another veteran, Max, who lives in San Diego. He has two quick questions… First, he tells Amanda about his struggles, as he had waited two and a half years to get a matter taken care of at the board of appeals. And Max goes on to ask Amanda if she would care to comment on how such a thing is possible. Then, he asks his next question… 

Tune into this episode of The Veteran’s Voice to hear Max’s questions and Amanda’s other discussions! If you’re a veteran in need, like many of our callers, please contact Veterans Law Group today with a free consultation!