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Episode 19: PTSD & Delays in the Court of Appeals

In this episode, Amanda is joined again by Star, a Veteran of the United States Airforce. Star is currently operating as a paralegal for Veterans Law Groups, working to help interview clients and much more.

After a quick introduction, our hosts begin taking calls from live listeners of the podcast. The first one is Max from San Diego.

Max asks two questions. The first question is regarding a time issue on his own current case in the court of public appeals. The second is about PTSD and claims for traumatic brain injuries.

Max continues to elaborate on his own traumatic brain injuries that he suffered while in service. From there, he also asks another question about the frequency of those cases in the line of Veterans Law Group.

This brings our hosts and Max into a thorough discussion about the intricacies of PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and related cases for the duration of the podcast.

They cover what a Veteran realistically has to do to obtain help for their PTSD or traumatic brain injuries since the process can seem complicated.

All of this brings Amanda and Star to encourage Veterans to be honest. They recommend being honest about what it’s like on your worst day as you deal with your disability. Amanda and Star say that now isn’t the time to “suck it up.” Instead, it’s time to get the disability benefits that you’ve earned for yourself and your loved ones.

Towards the end of our podcast, we’re joined with a second-time caller from Long Beach, VA, who is calling on someone else’s behalf.

He paints the picture of a Major currently on active duty, but about to retire with service-related disabilities. He is, unfortunately, going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage.

The caller’s question on behalf of this Veteran is whether the Veteran’s spouse is entitled to any of his VA benefits.

To bring our podcast and the call to a close, Amanda gives him a straight answer about the competing interests of federal and state law. It’s complicated because divorce and separation property is under the jurisdiction of state law. But, on the other hand, VA disability compensation and retirement with the VA are under the jurisdiction of federal law.