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Episode 11: We Want You To Reach Out

Some of the many values that the military can teach are leadership, family, teamwork and problem-solving. For those of us who aren’t in the military, what we learn in leadership is different from what veterans learn about it.

Former US Navy veteran Austin, now entrepreneur and software developer, dives deeper into those topics. Trying to figure out what he wanted to do after college, Austin, a soon-to-be graduate, had 50 percent of his family members who are or were part of the military. With an extensive military family history like Austin’s, you’d think the obvious thing to do was to follow in their footsteps.

Eventually, Austin did, but he was never forced into the choice. With no intention of serving 20 years in the military Austin decided to go a different military path than his families’ military path – the US Navy.

He served from 2012 to September 2019 and worked on defusing explosive devices. Apart from his job, Austin talks about the many things that being in the Navy has taught him. Keep in mind that while serving, veterans wake up with their team and end the day with their team. You can imagine the bond and teamwork that they form.

One of the biggest things that Austin learned during his time of service is leadership. It’s not about the skills and passing them on or making sure that people need to do what they do correctly. It’s about support and accepting that when failure happens you need to learn to accept it so it doesn’t, “eat you up.”

Austin and Amanda discuss further the attributes of leadership and the skills developed during service.

The most triggering topic of all, transitioning out from the military. We have to acknowledge that veterans transitioning out to the next part of their life is a process that isn’t as easy as we think. Amanda and Austin break down this barrier and talk about the real struggles that retired veterans face.

In this episode, Amanda and Austin talk about developing better leadership skills, the family environment that veterans develop and the problems that veterans face when transitioning out from the military.

It’s time for us to get educated with the reality of the truth behind leaving military life and the mental struggle of adjusting to a new life. Sometimes, all you have to do is just grab that phone and reach out.