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Veterans’ Groups File Suit against VA over New Claim Policy

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A recent policy change at the Department of Veterans Affairs will now require veterans to go through a more formal process, while beginning the process of receiving benefits. Two groups of veterans recently filed a lawsuit against the Department Of Veterans Affairs, saying that the new policies are veteran-unfriendly, and make it difficult for vets to begin receiving their benefits.

Under the new policy at the Department Of Veterans Affairs, veterans will have to fill in a formal application, or speak to an employee at the agency before they begin receiving their benefits. According to the Disabled American Veterans and Veterans Of Foreign Wars, the new policies are extremely unfriendly to veterans, and would actually be an obstacle for veterans in getting their benefits claims processed, and receiving benefits. They would also delay the date when the benefits would begin.

Further, according to the two groups, these new policy changes would make it very difficult for veterans who may not be mentally or physically able to comply with the new regulations.

Under the earlier policy, a veteran could simply initiate the process of receiving benefits by submitting a paper, in which he would describe all of his issues. That would result in an employee at the Department Of Veterans Affairs getting in touch with the vet, and providing all of the correct paperwork to begin the process of filing a claim. The earlier policy, according to veterans, was much friendlier to veterans, and made it easier for them to receive benefits. The new policy was announced on March 24. Under the new policy, the agency is not responsible for correcting any errors, if the veteran fills out the application incorrectly.


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