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Veteran Suicides Continue to Be Neglected

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The Department Veterans Affairs has had a poor record as far as veteran suicides are concerned. In spite of data over the past few years indicating the widespread veteran suicide epidemic in the military, the Department of Veterans Affairs insisted that the data was flawed. Now, as new data on vet suicide emerges, California veterans disability benefits lawyers find that the Department Of Veterans Affairs continues to bungle the numbers about suicide in veteran ranks.

In 2007, an investigation revealed that veterans were approximately twice as likely to commit suicide as nonveterans. Statistics indicated the widespread veteran suicide epidemic especially involving veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2005 alone, according to the statistics, at least 6,256 veterans committed suicide.

However, that data was disputed by the Department Of Veterans Affairs, which argued that less than 1,000 veterans committed suicide every year. This is in spite of the fact that several other investigations as well as internal e-mails from senior veteran mental-health officials, confirmed the veteran suicide epidemic.

Now, the Department Of Veterans Affairs statistics indicate that there has been an increase in the number of veteran suicides recorded since 2007. According to the new data, the suicide rate is currently between 18 to 22 suicides every day. However, according to watchdog organizations, that data is flawed. The actual number of suicide rates among veterans is as much as 50% higher, which works out to as many as 35 suicides every day.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has developed a reputation for trying to sweep serious problems involving the physical and mental health of veterans under the carpet, and seems to be continuing with this trend. Several investigations have shown that hospitals treating veterans are understaffed, or unequipped to handle the kind of trauma and stress that veterans visiting these facilities are suffering from.

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