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Us In The News!

At Veterans Law Group, we know a part of our mission to support veterans includes bringing awareness to the public. Check out some of our appearances in the news here!
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Supporting Our Veterans Through The Developments In Afghanistan

Amanda Mineer was featured on Good Day LA on the anniversary of 9/11. On the show, Amanda talks about the unique perspective her role in the Veterans Law Group has given her when it comes to supporting veterans and how best to assist them through the recent events in Afghanistan.

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Maximizing Your VA Benefits

Amanda Mineer discussed with Derrick Evens, a VA Home Loan Specialist, on VA benefits and how you can apply, receive and increase them. Derrick and Amanda speak on how frustrating it can be to apply for the benefits despite how essential it is to get our veterans the support they need.

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Being Proactive For Your Benefits

Amanda Mineer is seen on Jacksonville Spot discussing the recent struggles that veterans have had when applying for disability benefits. With about 35 percent of applications initially denied by the VA. “This isn’t always the VA’s fault” as said by Amanda. It could be a lack of the correct information being sent in by veterans applying without help.

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Keep Your Records Safe And Obtain Your Benefits!

Amanda joins CBS 8 to talk about her personal relation to veterans battling PTSD and how that motivated her to pursue helping these veterans with her ten-plus years of legal experience. She goes over her advice to veterans navigating disability claims now, especially during Covid-19.

Amanda speaks on the difficulties veterans face when applying for benefits, the importance of keeping your medical records and why you shouldn’t rely on the VA to have your information.