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In this section, the VLG has made available several resources including, access to the VLG brief bank (containing thousands of written arguments on VA issues), updates of new and important VA statutes and regulations, and use of Q & A feedback.

We hope that this new section will be an important aid in your representation of disabled veterans and their dependents. We, of course, are open to any suggestions or comments to better serve you.

Veterans Benefits Claims Process

Veterans Benefits Claims Process (PDF)

Checklists and general guidelines for the Standard Claims Process, and Claim Appeals Process.

Download PDF

Disability Ratings Sheets


VA determined disability ratings and descriptions for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Download PDF

Back Injuries (PDF)

VA determined disability ratings and descriptions for common back injuries.

Download PDF

Sinusitis & Sleep Apnea (PDF)

VA determined disability ratings and descriptions for Sinusitis & Sleep Apnea.

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Webinars & Resource Guides

View Webinars by the VLG that show questions and answers for common case law questions. Download the resource guides for the information contained in the webinars.

Challenging Unfavorable C&P Examinations

Effective Representation of Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) Claims

Effective Ways to Establish Stressors in Support of PTSD Claims

Effective Representation at Board and DRO Hearings

Appeals 101

Determining Eligibility for VA Benefits

Determining Eligibility for VA Benefits

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