Faster Processing of Online Disability Applications for Veterans

Soon, veterans who are applying for disability claims may find that their claims are processed much more speedily and efficiently. A new online processing tool released by the Department Of Veterans Affairs allows veterans’ disability claims to be processed much more quickly.

The new processing tool is part of an end-to-end electronic environment for the processing of veterans disability claims. The new Veterans Affairs-Department Of Defense portal e-Benefits is now integrated with the internal Veterans Benefits Management System electronic claims processing system. This means that the Department Of Veterans Affairs now operates in a fully digital, online paperless electronic processing environment, in sharp contrast to the paper environment earlier.

According to the Department Of Veterans Affairs, it aims to eliminate the backlog in veteran’s disability claims by the year 2015. Veterans can now file their disability compensation claims online, just like they file their taxes online. This makes the entire system much easier, much more convenient for veterans, and much more speedy and efficient.

Veterans using this new electronic processing system can simply upload digital images of their injury evidence, as well as images of records and other documentation required for claims processing to support their claims. That means that they no longer have to physically mail in their records, evidence and other documents.

The system also allows a veteran to hire an accredited Veterans Service Organization representative to assist them in the submission of their claim. For this, the veteran will need to sign an electronic power of attorney form. The representative will then be able to monitor the contents of the veteran’s claim, and will be able to track the status adding to the information in the claim whenever necessary.

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