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What is the best way to describe my experience with Veterans Law Group? As I was surfing the Internet, I came across Veterans Law Group. I was immediately impressed with the customer service and knowledge available to me. For two decades now, I have been searching for someone who understands my Veteran's claim and can help me with the process. Because I have been rejected so many times, I have given up on the excuse that I failed to file my paperwork on time with the VA or my documents were denied or lost. However, I remain determined to find someone who can provide me with the help and guidance I need to secure my benefits. When I contacted Veterans Law, they answered my call, listened, educated me, and helped me get the benefits to which I was entitled. I am grateful for their help. I now receive the benefits and support I need to continue my life. Veterans Law has been an invaluable resource for me. The loss of my job, home, and car devastated me. Due to my military years, I faced several issues. Even so, I got through all the red tape with the Veterans Law Group. In addition to educating me about the VA, they also gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision. The Veterans Law Group not only helped me understand the VA process but also provided me with the resources and support I needed to rebuild my life. As veterans themselves, they understand how difficult it can be to process VA claims, which is why I highly recommend the Veterans Law Group. Furthermore, they take the extra step to ensure their clients receive the highest possible outcome, providing personalized attention and care.
Theresa C.

Wauwatosa, WI

The Veterans Law Group exhibited extraordinary competence regards to the successful outcome of my recent VA Compensation and Pension claim. The first-rate counsel I received from everyone at this organization was very impressive. I was particularly impressed with the patience and gifted manner shown to me by the VLG staff. Also, I was especially impressed with the paralegal who maintained regular close contact with me throughout the progression of the case. Both individuals were exemplary in their knowledge of the ins and outs of veterans law, but even more-so by the genuine kindness they always exhibited to me when we spoke. This latter point cannot be underscored with greater emphasis as I always place heavy weight on the skill of professional people, I find it necessary to seek out, but also in equal measure, by their approachability once I've secured their services. If you’re a veteran on the hunt for an excellent attorney to help you successfully traverse the complexities of your C & P claim look no further than The Veterans Law Group. It's your call soldier!
Howard B.

Bronx, NY

This is by far the best Firm to help veterans with claims and especially Appeals. They help me get my 100% and back pay for Tension Headaches that I was being denied. They also make the right decisions that will benefit the veterans and to make your case where all issues are addressed and what is best for the veterans. Communication is great the Paralegals answer emails in a timely manner and also the assigned Attorney can be reached easily through emails. If you want a chance to win your claim, please call Veterans Law Group I am referring other veterans that have their claims denied.
Marcus L.

Palm Bay, FL

Veteran Law Group is an efficient team of legal representatives who are for the vets. There’s not much more that I can type that sums up my experience with this company. The communication was appropriate and straightforward, and Paula is persistent. Thank you guys!!!
James W.

Los Angeles, CA

Thank You for making the VA pay attention to me.
Timothy G.

Silverton, OR

Great law firm they got me my 100 percent rating. Be patient took some time because the VA is back logged not the law group!! Staff is very friendly knowledgeable and returns phone calls. Highly recommend
Kerrie W.

New Castle, DE

This law firm was TRULY instrumental with helping me build/prove my case to the VA after they proposed a decrease in my overall VA rating. Thanks to Mark and team, their (VA) baseless proposal was tossed out after my hearing and now with sufficient evidence I am now 100% P&T. At 30 years old, working with Mark on this subject was a great experience. Process took about 9 months. VA tends to be slow and slow to respond. Yet these guys were diligent and always kept me informed on communications going out and being received, on my behalf. I recommend Mark, and I still recommend these guys to other Vets I meet in passing. I’m forever grateful for their quick, precise, and expertise with handling my situation. I know case/VA claim is different, but I’m glad these guys handled mines! Definitely worth getting a lawyer!
Marquist P.

Saginaw, TX

Mark Lippman and his legal team at Veterans Law Group are the real deal. I’m working with Laura Anderson and Stephannie Alvarez. They started representing me in 2012. Between then and 2020 I got an increase from 40-90%. I was so happy but it didn’t stop there. On appeal, I got my TDIU three years later in 2023. Im still rated at 90% but got 100% pay with dental and the works. Now we’re going for a Special Compensation Bonus which is being appealed in Washington, DC.People keep telling me how “lucky” I am. I tell vets all the time don’t depend on a VSO to handle your case. They have good intentions but are way over whelmed. Get a real attorney and give them the space they need so they can do their magic.Lippman's team knew what moves to make and when to make them. They always kept in touch throughout the entire process. If your case isn’t a slam dunk you could be playing the long game. You need an attorney you can trust and this is the one that will get you results.
Brian G.

Oceanside, CA

I just wanted to on behalf of my wife and myself say thank you so very much to Mark and his team. They always responded speedily to our phone calls or emails. We did the online intake in the early part of 2018 and the appeal was won March 2019 and paid out May 2019. We could never have done this without you all. My wife is now a 100% permanent and total.
Marcia & Mary E.

Mt. Pleasant, IA

Quick response, when I messaged VLG, I am blessed to have, such a caring team of professionals. Dealing with my illness, makes things difficult. They have explained everything and answered my questions thoroughly.
Samuel H.

Roanoke, VA

I give the Veterans Law Group Five Stars because they do exactly what they say they will do for you. I have only been a client for seven months, but during that time they have been the irresistible force that has worked on my behalf to obtain records and schedule hearings with the Veterans Administration. They have kept me informed every step of the way. Before I engaged VLG, I checked with the BBB and learned that they have been in business for 16 years with only one negative comment, and have earned an A+ rating. The few negatives in Yelp may have resulted from higher expectations than the evidence warranted. Perhaps those cases would be better served in a face-to-face meeting with a representative from the County Veterans Service Office.
Edward C.

San Marcos, CA

I am writing this review to express my deepest gratitude to the team at VLG for their exceptional support in handling my VA appeal. From the outset, their professionalism and expertise were evident. They displayed an in-depth understanding of the complex VA appeal process and approached my case with genuine compassion and dedication. Their tireless advocacy enabled my appeal results to be a 100% pension outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend VLG to anyone navigating the complexities of the VA appeal process. Their expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication make them a beacon of hope for veterans seeking the assistance they deserve.
Frank W.

Clarksville, TN

VLG really helped me in my VA claim. I was originally awarded an 80% from the VA. I went to VLG and my case was accepted. With their help I was rated at 100% TDIU and was awarded back pay going back to when I left the service. The staff is friendly and I'm satisfied with my results. Thank you VLG!
S. Lowe

San Diego, CA

The experience and resources at the Veterans Law Group provided the help I needed and because of this I am most grateful. Be patient, reach out and allow this team to work with you.
Michael D.

Philadelphia, PA

I wouldn't even know how to thank the people behind this Law Group enough. From start to finish they have been nothing but the best. Their depth of knowledge was instrumental to my somewhat lengthy and complicated case. I tried to fight through the confusion and complexity many times before, but she made it all so easy and seamless. Paula was with me every step of the way. Her response time to my questions brought a sense of ease knowing I was in the right hands. She was always willing to go the extra mile. Anytime I needed anything she was always there with a phone call or email. I would highly recommend anyone who is trying to deal with the VA to not hesitate to use their services.
Ben C.

Wichita Falls, TX

I am coming to the finish line with my case, and I must say it wasn't all that hard. Having professional help makes all the difference. Mark's team of professionals knocked one right out the park for me, I got 100% disability with the VA and a lot more. VA is no cake walk; nothing is easy about dealing with the VA so why not let Veterans Law Group do the heavy lifting. They are the experts in this field.I'm doing this review because I noticed that people have no clue what it takes to deal with the VA. Anyone who is interested and willing to help you with a VA claim is worthy of a five-star review.
David & Kim P.

Kalispell, MT

My husband and I have been fortunate to have the Veterans Law Group represent us. They have excellent service. The company works hard to get the best results for their clients. Give them a chance you won't be disappointed.
David & Jamila V.

Fullerton, CA

The Veterans Law Group was to put it simply, great. They were very helpful, did all of the behind the scenes work to get things done and attended the review meeting with me. I recommend them highly.
John R.

Wichita, KS

I came to Veterans Law Group after years of pursuing my claim. They got involved and got up to speed quickly on what I had been thru and where I was currently in the claim process. We experienced setbacks, but they were not discouraged, we plowed ahead with the next appropriate steps in the appeal process, up to the Board Appeal and we were eventually successful. My PTSD was approved, and ultimately obtained 100% TDIU. It was a pleasure working with you guys.....many thanks.
Cedric F.

Middletown, DE

Thank you to the Veterans Law Group for successfully resolving my appeals claim with the Veterans Administration. After two plus years of aggravation and jumping through VA hoops, I had all but given up. Veterans Law Group assured me that because of the documented proof they had submitted for my case, a positive outcome was near. Due to their persistency, my case was settled and I received my long-awaited justification. A definite life changer! Thanks again to the VLG and I would highly recommend their firm to anyone!
Vernon H.

Kansas City, MO

I am a client and I have been working with Mr. Lippman for a couple of years. The support and encouragement that I receive from the team is incredible. I have been very lucky to have Mr. Lippman representing me with my hearing and know they will be successful.
Billy K.

Oakland Park, FL

This Veterans law group did an outstanding job they are always there for you they are professional and caring.
Arturo G.

Mesilla Park, NM

During my long fight with VA, Mark and his staff of excellent paralegals stayed the course, remained professional, yet aggressive during our battle with the VA Appeals system. Let’s just say, the end result was truly a blessing for me and my family’s future- THANK YOU VETERANS LAW GROUP!!!!
Marieco M.

Austell, GA

A little over a year ago I signed up with Veterans Law Group, during this transition period at times I got very frustrated with the VA and how they drew their conclusions. But my Attorneys explained everything to me in layman's terms. These people were always there for me, and got me a fair settlement, plus they also got me my 100% disability, as I am unable to walk without a walker and have very little use of my arms, and I am in constant pain. I would highly recommend this firm to other Veterans.
Myron B.

Easton, PA

I was in a desperate place as far as trying to figure out how to make ends meet and my VSO was doing nothing. I hired Mr. Lippmann and veterans law and they got my 100%
Michael W.

San Diego, CA

My case should have been simple, but had stalled for nearly a decade. Mark and Paula offered me compassionate care and expert guidance to positively conclude the ordeal. Many thanks to the Veterans Law Group for helping receive my compensation.
A.K. Dailey

Memphis, TN

Mark & the VLG team have been amazing. After nearly 10 years of back and forth with the VA, the professionals at Veterans Law Group came through big time! I recommend their services to my friends who served, and am so happy with their hard work, clear & timely communications, and commitment to helping veterans fight through the bureaucracy to get what those who served deserve.
Patrick K.

Locust Grove, VA

Veterans Law Group has defended my case with very successful results, they are extremely professional in all aspects of their services, I highly recommend them in defense of your VA Claims!!!
Frank R.

Pompano Beach, FL

All I can say is from the moment of acquiring their services results kept coming. Everything was taken care of couldn’t be happier with the service they provided. They treated me very well and as a veteran that counts majorly. Great team to have working for you!
Timothy B.

Sacramento, CA

I was represented by Mark Lippman and let me say that as a 100% Total and Permanent Veteran now, "Go for the Gold Standard!" I was treated fairly and was made aware of my options. I was kept in the loop on every change up the VA threw at us. Thank you Mark!
Christopher R.

Desert Hot Springs, CA

I do not know what all the negativity is all about, but the Firm took my case, reviewed it, met with me and told me my case was "weak" and ultimately WON it for me!!! It cannot get any better than that, a nice surprise!!!
Jemal C.

Ruther Glen, VA

Veterans Law Group helped me with my disability claim. Very professional and informative.
James B.

Akron, OH

Don't know what all the bad reviews are about, took my case and won. Yes, took while longer than I expected but that's on the VA side. So again, they took my case and won VA did me dirty and they got it fixed. So be patient and they are worth a shot!
Kyle U.

Fort Myers, FL

I couldn’t have gone through the process of filing a claim without Veterans Law Group. The support and guidance I received made such a big difference. Thank you so much for all that you do!
Julie & Brian A.

Shrewsbury, VT

Attorney Mark Lippman and associates were amazing, helping us each time needed in a excellent manner. Veterans Law Group really came through for our family. Thanks again for everything!
Sherdel D.

Bourbon, MO

This group has helped me and my family with my VA claim. We are very happy to say they are the best at what they do. They treat you like family and take interest in your thoughts and opinions. I am proud to have the opportunity to have them help me with my case.
Peggy S.

Hendersonville, NC

I had several claims denied in the past. I appealed a claim with the help of VLG. My appeal took over 5 years to receive a decision because I requested to speak to a judge in 2017. But the VA had granted my appeal.
Jose M.

Indio, CA

The Veteran Law Group really helped me get to 100% pay for my disabilities!!!
Ronald G.

Middleburg, FL

"Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome."

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