Disclaimer: Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.


"I was happy with Mr. Lippman's representation of my case. His firm accomplished what I thought hopeless-I received my compensation."
Johnny K. | Johnson City, TX

Awarded $537,367

"Mr. Lippman took on my case in 1991. Stuck in there until he was satisfied with the final decision which was 100% TDIU. Thank you Mr. Lippman. Will surely recommend you to other people. Law firm always done what they say they would do. I was very satisfied with the final results of my case."
Terry S. | Gates, NC

Awarded $478,901.00

"I was very pleased Veterans Law Group's work on my case. I have told many other veterans of their work and given out your number many times."
Dempster C. | San Jacinto, CA

"Thank you for all your assistance. I would have been completely homeless the past year if it wasn't for your team."
Steven G. | Vancouver, WA


"Veterans Law Group was very thorough."
John C. | Lizton, IN


"Veterans Law Group actually care about my life."
Jeremy H. | Lewisport, KY


"Veterans Law Group treated me fairly and compassionately."
Michael B. | Julian, PA

$49, 964.58

"Veterans Law Group definitely made a big difference for me! 100% happy. Thank you!"
Claude M. | Temecula, CA


"We are very happy. Veterans Law Group kept us updated on all that they were doing. We definitely felt we could trust them. We knew they had our best interest in mind and always answered our questions promptly and professionally. We never felt like we were forgotten! We are very happy with the results. Thanks to Veterans Law Group we finally got what this veteran has rightly deserved!"
Leo S. | Alamogordo, NM


"VLG was good representation. Simply the best. I was always treated fairly and compassionately. My final results were beyond expectations. After twenty years of trying, VLG took the lead in 2013 and my case was resolved with back pay in three years."
David P. B. | San Diego, CA


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"Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome."

Need Help With Your Disability Appeal?

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