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The old military adage “never leave a man behind” is one that dates back to ancient Rome. Even then, fierce loyalty and bravery was innate among servicemen. While the phrase is still used today, it unfortunately does not always apply to our nation’s disabled veterans. Though these men and women made great personal sacrifices for their country, too many are left with expensive medical bills, pain and suffering, and a lack of opportunities for their future.

We believe that disabled veterans deserve better. That’s why they have worked tirelessly for the legal rights of veterans for more than two decades. Focusing solely on VA disability cases, we pride ourselves on being leaders in our field. Offering legal assistance to veterans isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s what we do best.

Services and Offerings

Veterans who are unable to work because of their disability often struggle to receive the benefits they deserve. When facing a battle with the VA, many veterans are tempted to throw in the towel and simply accept their fate. Given the notoriously long wait associated with the VA and endless hoops to jump through, it’s understandable that many become frustrated and lose hope that they will ever receive the help they need. That’s where we can step in.

Any veteran struggling to receive the benefits they’re entitled to should reach out for a consultation. They may be surprised at how many avenues to a successful benefits claim have been left unexplored. By partnering with independent physicians, vocational experts, and other thought leaders, we offer a uniquely holistic approach to helping disabled veterans.

Independent medical exams are a great place to start. Too often, VA physicians favor the government when writing reports on a veterans’ condition. When appropriate, we can connect clients with doctors who can conduct an independent medical examination, or IME. This additional medical evidence can help advance the veterans’ disability claim.

Pairing disabled veterans with vocational experts can also bolster a claim. In many cases, a veteran’s disability makes it impossible to return to their former job, jeopardizing their way to earn a living and support their family. When seeking a disability claim, a veteran’s abilities will be called into question by VA doctors. Vocational experts are uniquely qualified to weigh in on such issues. By evaluating opportunities and offering opinions on the veteran’s chances of finding another job, a vocational expert can be an invaluable ally.

Helping Veterans Help Themselves

We understand the unique challenges faced by veterans because many of our employees served in the military themselves. No one can understand the trials and tribulations of VA disability cases quite like other veterans. While other lawyers for veterans may be able to provide legal representation, none can offer compassion and insight like someone who has been in the shoes of the client.

The reality is that a wounded warrior isn’t just any other client. Self-sufficient, fiercely independent, and determined to do whatever it takes for the ones they love, veterans are used to hard work and are unafraid of challenges. They also often have families to provide for, complex medical issues to handle — and insurmountable battles to wage with bureaucratic agencies. By helping veterans help themselves, we are able to help ensure America’s bravest are given the respect they deserve and the benefits to which they are entitled.

The VLG Difference

While there are plenty of firms offering veterans legal services, our firm has focused solely on VA disability law for more than twenty years. Founder Mark Lippman has helped thousands of disabled veterans challenge rejected VA disability claims and fought tirelessly for their rights. Well-respected within his community, Mark’s goal is to create precedence in veterans benefit law. His hard work has landed him in front of the Supreme Court to argue cases twice. He’s also represented cases at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and other federal appellate courts across the country.

Mark embodies the Veterans Law Group’s mission: to fight on behalf of those who fight for freedom. While other organizations may offer legal help for veterans, none have the expertise, experience, and passion that our firm does. Because they have fought and won thousands of cases over the last twenty years, our firm has unique insight and knowledge of the VA.

Whether a veteran is ready to file a simple appeal or fight to change the very core of the VA, we are here to help. Get legal representation from the people who know the laws surrounding veteran’s affairs best.

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