Clearing Up the Topic of Veteran Unemployability

Many veterans have been led to believe that to get a 100% disability rating for veteran unemployability they need to have either a single service-connected disability rating of 60% or higher, or a combined service-connected rating of 70% or above. This, however, is not the case. This misunderstanding may be leaving many unemployed veterans without the benefits they deserve and without a reliable income to support themselves.

Total Disability rating based upon Individual Unemployability

A Total Disability rating based upon Individual Unemployability, or TDIU, will give a veteran a 100% disability rating if they are able to prove that his or her service-connected disability prevents them from being gainfully employed. Unfortunately, many veterans do not get the correct information on who qualifies for a TDIU, primarily due to miscommunications from the VA.

Qualifying for a TDIU

To qualify for a TDIU, a veteran does not need to meet a certain disability rating. The disability, or disabilities, must be service-connected, but the percentage does not matter. Whether their disability rating is 10% or 80%, or whether it is a single or combined service-connected disability, veterans are entitled to a TDIU, so long as they are unable to be employed due to their disability.

Like with many legal and VA issues, the topic of veteran unemployability can sometimes be an unclear and complicated subject to navigate. At The Veteran’s Law Group, we can help clear up this problem and get veterans the help and benefits that they deserve. Please contact us with any questions regarding the TDIU, or any problems regarding VA benefits.

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