Nationwide Law Group Notes Irony in Headlines Impacting America’s Veterans

Over the last few weeks, the juxtaposition of headlines affecting veterans has proven one thing. The daily struggles of those who’ve served are ongoing and precious few truly understand how to solve them. For example, let’s take a look at the irony in some of those recent headlines, starting with Alaska Airlines’ announcement. Too much applause, they unveiled a fleet of military appreciation themed aircraft in late October 2016. Now get ready for the ironic part:

WFMY News and NBC both published stories during the same time frame. Collectively, they pointed out that Veterans are increasingly having trouble receiving healthcare and reimbursement for the travel related expenses associated with it in a timely manner. The NBC article even went so far as to discuss one vet’s inability to use commercial airliners to access care.

So bottom line, there may be planes designed to show their appreciation to veterans but many will be unable to use them to access suitable care. And isn’t quality healthcare delivered in a timely manner what veterans truly need? Instead, they end up struggling while those around them fail to serve them as they have served us. This leaves us with perhaps the most pressing question to date.

What can be done to help America’s veterans who need medical and financial assistance sooner, rather than later? Although we cannot effect change alone, The Veterans Law Group fights daily for the rights of service men, women and their families. Included in that fight is assistance with legal claims involving, but not limited to the following:

To learn more about how we can help service men and women with those daily battles and others they may be facing, please contact The Veterans Law Group today. We service all areas of the Continental U.S. and have 20 years experience helping get justice for America’s veterans.

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