President Promises Budget Cuts Will Not Affect Veterans Benefits

President Obama made several promises last week that were guaranteed to make veterans groups and California veteran disability benefit lawyers very happy. Speaking to thousands of members of the American Legion, the president promised that balancing the budget would not be achieved by cutting veterans unemployment and health benefits.

The president was speaking to delegates at the American Legion’s 93rd National Convention in Minnesota, and not surprisingly to many of the vets in the audience, unemployment and health benefits were at the forefront of his agenda. The president promised that he would look into the speeding up of veterans benefit claims, and make documentation for veterans’ benefits available electronically. The president also said that he would protect Veterans Administration services from budget cuts.

President Obama also spoke of equipping Veterans Affairs centers to better treat veterans returning home from combat with illnesses caused by wars. One of the biggest health concerns facing veterans returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan has been post traumatic stress disorder. The Department of Veterans Affairs has much work to do in ensuring that these veterans receive the medical care and help they need.

The President’s sentiments were also echoed by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. She assured delegates at the convention that the interests of veterans would be protected when the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction meets in the near future to discuss balancing the budget. The committee is looking at ways to cut more than $1 trillion from the federal budget, and California veteran benefits lawyers have been very concerned that veteran health services will be impacted.

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