PTSD Has Surprisingly Positive Effects on Coping Skills

A soldier, who has received a diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder, can expect months of trauma and anxiety, as he struggles to cope with the effects of combat-related stress. However, according to a study, not all goes downhill after a diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder. In fact, some veterans seemed to show signs of developing positive life skills and coping skills, after an injury leading to post traumatic stress disorder.

The researchers who decided to probe the development of life skills after post traumatic stress disorder were intrigued by the idea that people learn from hardships. The results of the study are not really surprising to California veterans’ benefits lawyers. Throughout history, the idea that people learn from difficulties, make adjustments, and choose to focus on the brighter side of things, has been a common part of the human experience. However, the researchers wanted to actively investigate this phenomenon, and see how prevalent such growth is in soldiers who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

The researchers interviewed a number of survivors who had suffered severe injuries, and older persons who had lost spouses. Both people who had suffered injuries and persons who had lost spouses had more or less the same reactions to their losses. They wished very strongly that the spouse had not died or that they had not suffered the injury, but they also felt very strongly that the traumatic experience did change their life in a positive manner.

The researchers found several areas in which persons reported positive changes after an injury or losing a spouse. For instance, the persons reported experiencing a greater appreciation for life, experiencing more personal strength and better relationships and also greater levels of spiritual satisfaction. These persons were able to find the strength to look for new possibilities for themselves.

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