Receiving VA Disability for Prostate Cancer

Are you a veteran who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer? Did you serve in the Vietnam War or have other reasons to believe your cancer is connected to your military service?

New Presumptive Conditions for Agent Orange

Effects of Exposure to Agent Orange

Secondary Service Connection to Agent Orange Disability Claims

Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act Overview

Vets Exposed to Agent Orange are at a Higher Risk of Cancer

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Blue Water VA Disability Compensation

A federal court ruled earlier this year that the Department of Veterans Affairs is not allowed to deny disability benefits to thousands of Vietnam War veterans who claimed exposure to Agent Orange ...

Exposure to Agent Orange

PORTIONS OF THIS ARTICLE HAVE BECOME OUTDATED AS OF PASSAGE OF THE PACT ACT IN AUGUST 10, 2022. See here for an updated discussion of Agent Orange disability claims.

Long Term Effects of Agent Orange Exposure

Agent Orange was a two-dioxin compound that was used for widespread defoliation in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia during the 1960s. The Agent Orange compound, TCDD, for dioxin ...

Vets Exposed to Agent Orange at Higher Risk of Skin Cancer

Vietnam veterans, who were exposed to the dangerous chemical Agent Orange, have been found to have a much higher risk for several types of medical conditions and diseases. New research also indicates ...