Camp Lejeune: Toxic Exposure

What Does The VA Consider For A Mental Health Disability?

Who Can Help Me File a Claim for VA Disability?

If you are a veteran struggling with a full or partial disability that stems from your time in the military, you may be entitled to VA disability benefits. Filing claims for VA disability may seem ...

Is it too late to file a disability claim?

It is never too late to file a VA disability claim. Claimants are not limited in the number of disability claims they may file. But there are important distinctions to keep in mind. For claims ...

Why Might I Need a Buddy Statement for My VA Disability Claim?

Injuries that occur during your service in the military can impact your ability to function for the rest of your life. You may have decided to file an application for veterans disability compensation ...

Veterans Disability Claims: Understanding Your Representation

You faithfully performed your duties for your country and completed your military service. Now the injury that you sustained during your time in the military is keeping you from living a full life. ...

Bulletin: Challenging Effective Dates

BULLETIN October 2015 Reviewing Cases for Proper Effective Dates More and more we are seeing decisions coming out of the VA in which there is an inappropriate assignment of an effective date for the ...

Bulletin: Effects of Medication on VA Disability Claims

MEDICATED AND NON-MEDICATED VETERANS 1. Medicated Service-Connected Disabilities Many veterans suffer severe side-effects from taking medication for their service-connected disabilities.

Veterans’ Groups File Suit against VA over New Claim Policy

Whistleblowers Claim Veterans’ Informal Claims Were Thrown Out