Three Out Of Four Veterans Suffer from PTSD

According to new statistics released by the Wounded Warrior Project, three out of four veterans who were injured after 9/11, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. These people also suffer from anxiety-related disorders.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit, consisting of members who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. The statistics indicate to California veterans benefits lawyers that there is some good news in the recovery rates of veterans who were injured during combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of them are doing well.

However, many of them are also struggling with physical injuries, and mental and emotional health conditions. According to Wounded Warrior Project, many veterans in Iraq and Afghanistan are returning back home, suffering from severe physical injuries, disabilities, and mental and emotional health problems including anxiety related disorders. That’s not even counting the kind of financial challenges that these homeless veterans face after returning from combat duty. Many of them are not prepared to return to the workforce, and find support from the Department of Veterans Affairs, simply inadequate.

According to the data released by the Wounded Warrior Project, many of the veterans reported difficulties receiving mental health treatment upon their return home. More than 55% of the of the veterans said that they had sought treatment for their emotional disorders upon return, while 34% said that they had had trouble finding care, and therefore put off treatment for their condition. Approximately one- third of the veterans returning from combat duty zones reported that they were not comfortable receiving treatment at Veterans Affairs Department Treatment facilities.

Many members of the Wounded Warrior Project reported that they did enjoy support from friends and family, but 39% said that they are struggling with financial problems, and more than 17 % are still unemployed.

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