Veterans Suffering PTSD Turn to Exorcism

Frustrated by symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, some veterans are turning to an unlikely source of treatment – Bible-based exorcism. According to news reports, a husband-wife ministry team in Georgia is offering PTSD treatment in the form of exorcism.

A number of soldiers who suffer from symptoms of PTSD have also allegedly signed up for these services. According to the husband-wife ministry, they have performed more than 5,000 exorcisms to date, including several performed on veterans. Some of these “patients” believe that the exorcism has helped relieve symptoms of PTSD, while other treatments had failed.

The Pentecostal church ministry provides a spiritual retreat that is based on the Bible, and believes that their special treatment is suited for soldiers who suffer from symptoms of PTSD and battle fatigue. The retreat consists of a three-day program that includes accommodation, food, a demon-fighting workbook as well as an exoticism ritual that lasts for 30 minutes.

Some of the soldiers who participated in the rituals say that the therapy has benefited them where other conventional therapies have failed. According to at least one veteran, who has been profiled in a special book brought out by the ministry, he was plagued by memories of fellow soldiers who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2005. After undergoing a number of therapies that did not help him deal with his nightmares, he turned to the ministry for help.

It’s hard to tell what exactly to make of this trend toward seeking spiritual exoticism for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Post traumatic stress disorder is widespread in the American military, and includes symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares, trauma and other negative emotions. Therapeutic counseling and psychological care has been proven to be the best therapy to help relieve these symptoms.

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