Veterans with PTSD Have Difficulty Finding Employment

Veterans who are returning from combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan find an employment situation that is discriminatory.  Many employers are leery about hiring veterans, because of the widespread incidence of post traumatic stress disorder among soldiers returning from combat.  However, even veterans who do not suffer from PTSD can be discriminated against in employment.

Most employers are wary of hiring veterans who suffer from symptoms of post-dramatic stress disorder.  This is a psychological condition that is often found in soldiers who have returned from active combat.  Post traumatic stress disorder can include symptoms like depression, panic attacks, anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks and a number of other symptoms that can severely limit a person’s ability to lead a normal life.  Many employers don’t want to take on the stresses associated with hiring an employee who may not be in the best of mental health.

According to a recent survey, approximately 46% of all employers said that the existence of PTSD or any other psychological disorders was definitely a hindrance in the hiring of veterans.  Last year, a survey of hiring managers found that 39% were less favorable toward hiring veterans with psychological disorders.

California veterans benefits lawyers Some of this discriminatory attitude toward veterans with post traumatic stress disorder may be the result of the fact that some sections of the media have over-sensationalized this condition.  There is no doubt that post traumatic stress disorder is a serious psychological disorder.  If left untreated, a person with post traumatic stress disorder can even commit suicide.  It’s no secret that veterans returning from combat account for a high portion of suicides, with one out of every 5 suicides in the country committed by veterans.

However, PTSD is definitely treatable, and there are treatments that are available for veterans who suffer from this condition.  If a veteran is being treated for the condition, there is no reason why an employer should worry about hiring him.

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