What is PTSD and Why You May Have It

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is not always associated with a physical injury. It occurs after being involved in a trauma, meaning something horrendous, scaring or shocking. Being involved in life and death situations while feeling helpless due to the situation you are in.

According to the www.ptsd.va.gov website those in the military who have seen combat and been on missions are prime examples of PTSD. Many soldiers have been shot at, witnessed a friend get shot, or have even watched someone die. These types of combat trauma that can instigate PTSD.

With Vietnam Veterans clocking in with the highest percentage of PTSD at 30%, meaning 30 out of every 100 American soldiers have been affected.

This is not just a long ago war tragedy. Current statistics state that those who fought in the Gulf War (Dessert Storm) have a yearly 12% annual occurrence and Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom have an occurrence rate of 11-20% annually.

The stress a soldier feels about the war they have served in, their own conflicts and personal beliefs add to the mental anguish they are having or have experienced.

Yet another huge factor in the military attributing to PTSD is (MST) or military sexual trauma. Meaning any sexual harassment or sexual assault whether in time of peace, training, or war.

Another appalling fact is that 23%, (23 out of every 100 women) are victims of sexual assault. Another ugly statistic that has been reported is that 55% of women and 38% of men have been experienced sexual harassment.

If you have been traumatized we are here to help, please contact us.

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