Emergency Care at Non-VA Health Care Facilities

Getting emergency health care in a non-VA health care facility paid for by the Veterans Administration is allowed but often difficult for veterans to succeed at. There are very strict guidelines to ...

VA Medical Malpractice and Claims Under 38 U.S.C. § 1151

When a veteran suffers disability or death as a consequence of VA sponsored medical treatment, that veteran or their surviving family is entitled to compensation under 38 U.S.C. § 1151.

Bulletin: Veterans Administration Loses (AGAIN) 80,000 Documents Affecting 9,300 Veterans

BULLETIN April 2016 If you are a Veteran or Veteran Service Officer/Representative and submitted documents to the Veterans Administration supporting a claim between August 1, 2015 through December ...

Texas Veterans Will No Longer Be Able to Pass on Unused College Tuition Benefits to Children

A new measure that was introduced in Texas recently would ensure that some military veterans in that state would not be able to pass on unused state tuition benefits to their children.

Whistleblowers Claim Veterans’ Informal Claims Were Thrown Out

New Benefits Claims Process Likely to Confuse Older Veterans

Massive Backlog of Veterans Disability Claims Appeals

The Veterans Administration has been touting its progress in helping reduce the number of veterans disability claims that are pending processing. However, while that may be true, the fact is that ...

VA Makes Progress in Reducing Claims Backlog

The Veteran Affairs Department will cross an important milestone soon. The agency announced recently that it expects to go below the 800,000 mark in its veteran disability benefits claim backlog soon.

Too Many Veterans Don’t Live to Receive Benefits

Any California veterans benefits lawyer knows that processing of benefits claims can take months. Unfortunately, in too many cases, the delays are so long that the claim processing is completed only ...