Veteran Suicide Prevention Bill Blocked

A veteran suicide prevention bill that would require an independent evaluation of suicide prevention programs by the federal administration, and increase the number of psychiatrists available to treat veterans, has been blocked.

The bill was blocked by Senator Tom Coburn, Republican-Oklahoma. The bill HR 5059 would have required the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department Of Defense to establish independent evaluation programs to monitor the mental healthcare and suicide prevention programs established by the Department of Defense and the Department Of Veterans Affairs. The bill would also have required an increase in the number of psychiatrists stationed at Department Of Veterans Affairs facilities across the country.

The bill is designed to increase access to mental health care for veterans returning home from combat duty, with a variety of anxiety-related disorders. The suicide rate among veterans is much higher than it is for civilians. In fact, according to official estimates, the rate is currently approximately 22 veteran suicides every single day.

No California veterans’ disability benefits lawyer would deny that the problem has reached epidemic promotions, and that immediate action is vital. However, lawmaker wrangling has delayed this bill further. Senator Coburn has blocked the bill, because, according to him, it would do little to hold the Department Of Veterans Affairs accountable for all of the suicides that are happening on its watch. He does not believe that the bill will actually do anything to help prevent veteran suicides.

Veterans, who are facing mental health problems and emotional disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after returning home from combat duty, must immediately begin seeking disability benefits. Speak to a California veterans’ disability benefits lawyer to understand how you can begin filing a claim. If you have had a claim denied, get legal guidance from a lawyer.

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